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Use this form to tell Homeschool Adventures about Minnesota homeschool groups that are currently welcoming new members.

Please do not add homeschool tutors, homeschool coaches, homeschool private instructors, homeschool classes, or homeschool field trip opportunities here. Use the appropriate form instead.


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Rather than pre-list all possibilities, affiliations are added by request. Please provide further details about any religious affiliation in the Description above. Don't see what you need? Request it below at "Please add to Standardized Search Terms."
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PLEASE CHOOSE WISELY TO ACCURATELY DESCRIBE YOUR GROUP. Don't frustrate those who are trying to find a group by over-selecting. (For example, if you offers weekly instructor-led classes with an end-of-the-year picnic, you are not a social group.)
Homeschool Styles
PLEASE CHOOSE WISELY TO ACCURATELY DESCRIBE YOUR GROUP. Don't frustrate those who are trying to find a group by over-selecting. If your group is not just for those exploring a style or philosophy, please choose on "No Preferred Homeschool Style."
If you didn't see what you needed in the Standardized Search Terms, you can add different ones here as a comma-separated list. Please choose thoughtfully and only add meaningful and helpful terms. Examples: Living History, Sport Rocketry, Tabletop Games
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Checking these options makes "search by age" possible. Please note that "Just for" means "just for" not "also for." (To translate grades into ages, add 5 to the lowest grade and 6 to the highest grade, so 4th-6th grades becomes ages 9–12 years.)
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