Leadership Council

Homeschool Adventures Leadership Council is responsible for providing overall leadership and strategic direction for Homeschool Adventures. The Leadership Council sets policy and ensures that Homeschool Adventures has the resources to carry out its mission. The Leadership Council also oversees its own members and evaluates their performance as well as continually evaluating its own effectiveness as a governing body, as a group of volunteers, as representatives of the local, secular homeschool community, and in upholding the mission of Homeschool Adventures.

  • Officers (Executive Committee)
    1. Chair: Vanessa Stephan
    2. Vice Chair: Nic Rosenau
    3. Treasurer: Char VanDerSchaegen
    4. Secretary: open
  • Committee Chairs (Member-at-Large)
    1. Calendar Editor Committee Chair: open
    2. Fundraising Committee Chair: open
    3. Yahoo Moderation Committee Chair: Vanessa Stephan
    4. Incorporation and Non-Profit Committee Chair: open
    5. Event Organizer Committee Chair: open
    6. Technology Committee Chair: Nic Rosenau
  • Committee Members
    • Calendar Editor Committee Members: open
    • Fundraising Committee Members: open
    • Yahoo Moderation Committee Members: open
    • Incorporation and Non-Profit Committee Members: open
    • Event Organizer Committee Members: open
    • Technology Committee Member: open

Homeschool Adventures Leadership Council must always have a minimum of three members, one of which must be the Chair and another of which must be the Treasurer, but seeks to maintain a full ten members to allow for adequate deliberation and diversity of perspective.

No member of the Leadership Council should occupy more than one officer position at the same time.

All members of the Leadership Council should be personally committed to both the mission and and the guiding principles of Homeschool Adventures and be willing and able to volunteer sufficient time and resources to help achieve that mission as well as and understanding and fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities.

Members of the Leadership Council members receive no compensation for their service.

The Homeschool Adventures Leadership Council holds regular online discussions and meets in person quarterly (four times a year).

Council members shall serve two-year staggered terms (so that approximately half the number of Council members will end their terms in any given year), however terms may be extended until a successor has been elected.