Calendar Committee

Committee Basics

  1. our To-Do List is at locations that offer homeschool classes
    We are painfully aware that this is inadequate as a to do list. Creating a better system is also on another to-do list!
    To see if a location has been done, click "check for upcoming events" under the location name. If any exist, then that location has either been done or is currently being done by someone. If empty, click on the location name, and check the section labeled "homeschool classes" for a link to the location's online homeschool class listings, and check that link to see if classes are listed yet. (If there isn't one there, announcement are probably sent via email, check the HSAdventures Yahoo Group to see if that email has been forwarded to the group yet.)

  2. you can see what's been done recently and by who at locations with upcoming events (listed alphabetically by location) and at recently added events (listed chronologically by creation date)
    Both lists are updated instantly, so when you've finished with a location, you do not need to tell anyone that you're done. You can just pick a new venue from Homeschool Classes BUT do let the rest of the group know "I am about to start work on X" via an email to the HSA Council Yahoo Group ... to help avoid duplication.
  3. our selection criteria is at Calendar Guidelines

Reminder: Please use the clone option to preserve knowledge!

If you experience any frustration, confusion or angst, please don't hesitate to contact Vanessa, Nic or Char for help.

Calendar Needs

  1. Delegator: assigning the five tasks below (Chair/Co-Chairs)
    Vanessa, Char and Nic have decided that rather than immediately seeking to recruit and train a Chair or Co-Chairs for the Calendar Committee, we are going to focus on training people to work as members of that Committee (which primarily means doing Calendar entry or "Scribe" work). We will then recruit a Chair for that pool of experienced "Scribes" at a later date. We believe this will make the transition easier and cleaner in the long run.
  2. Researchers: data gathering via Yahoo Group, venue websites, and HSA contact form emails.
  3. Scribes: entering the data as assigned
    When you've finished with a location, you do not need to tell anyone that you're done. You can just pick a new venue from BUT do let the rest of the group know (via a post to the HSA Council Yahoo Group) that "I am about to start work on X" to avoid duplication.
  4. Proofreaders: checks the entered data for completeness and accuracy — has authority to alter entries made by others!
    For the time being, Vanessa, Char and Nic will be proofreading the entries made by our new "Scribes" ... because we need to figure out where there is confusion, and proofreading entries is likely the very best way for us to find that out.
  5. Yahoo Group: sending out entries created via websites and HSA contact form to Yahoo Group
    This task is generally done by the Proofreader (or by the Scribe for those who have "graduated" and no longer require proofreading).
  6. Social Media Coordinator: schedules entries for publication to Facebook page

Calendar Committee Documents