Agreement for an informal partnership of mutually supportive cooperation between Minnesota Homeschoolers' Alliance and Homeschool Adventures.

HSAdventures and MHA will share information with their individual members with the goal of providing a more cohesive, streamlined approach for homeschoolers to find both support and events. Cooperation and mutual support will strengthen both organizations as HSAdventures and MHA do not compete for members but rather serve the same constituency in different capacities.

HSAdventures has two primary missions: to provide a support structure for homeschoolers to organize group activities and to gather and share information on secular metro area offerings for homeschoolers. HSAdventures does not promote religions events or non-homeschool events. HSAdventures current focus is on events exclusively in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, but HSAdventures would welcome expanding into other areas of the state if volunteer calendar editors were found.

[Insert MHA mission statement.]

  1. HSAdventures will help advertise and promote MHA events/activities, including but not limited to ...
  2. HSAdventures will encourage MHA membership by directing homeschoolers to both the MinnesotaHomeschoolersAlliance Yahoo Group and the MHA website in the following ways:
  3. HSAdventures will direct members of HSAdventures to MHA for membership cards.
    • HSAdventures reserves the right to produce HSAdventures membership cards at any point in the future, should it choose to do so.
    • HSAdventures will continue to also directs members to ECHO-MN for membership cards.
  4. MHA will help advertise and promote the HSAdventures Yahoo Group and website.
  5. MHA will encourage HSAdventures membership by directing homeschoolers to both HSAdventures Yahoo Group and the HSAdventures website in the following ways: