Guiding Principles of Homeschool Adventures

All Council members, including Leadership Council Officers, Leadership Council Members-at-Large and those serving on any Leadership Council Committee, commit to fully supporting the following ten guiding principles.

1. Homeschool Adventures primary mission is to help individual local homeschool families set up group homeschool events.

Homeschool Adventures helps individual homeschool organizers set up group homeschool field trips, group homeschool classes, and other group homeschool events by providing ...

  • an online database of field trip ideas
  • a large membership base from which to find participants
  • advice on the mechanics of homeschool event organizing culled from the experience of past organizers
  • a support community for organizers

More about this at FAQ: What is Homeschool Adventures?

2. Homeschool Adventures secondary mission is to spread the word about local inclusive secular homeschool events, homeschool classes and homeschool field trip opportunities.

Homeschool Adventures helps homeschool families find out about local inclusive secular homeschool field trips, classes, and events by providing ...

More about this at Calendar Submission Guidelines.

Additionally, Homeschool Adventures provides ...

3. Homeschool Adventures is an inclusive group.

All local homeschool families are welcome to join Homeschool Adventures.

Homeschool Adventures is committed to fulfilling our mission without discrimination, including but not limited to discrimination based on race, color, national origin, ancestry, age, gender, familial status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability or handicap, veteran status, economic status, or religion.

Homeschool Adventures also does not discriminate based on parenting or educational style or philosophy, nor does Homeschool Adventures favor any particular approach or methodology for homeschooling. While individual members of the Leadership Council may feel passionate about their choices in this regard, they should not endorse or criticize a style, method, or philosophy as a representative of Homeschool Adventures.

Membership in Homeschool Adventures is open to all families including those whose children have disabilities including but not limited to those with anxiety and panic disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), learning disabilities, food allergies and sensitivities, or physical limitations.

It should be the goal of every member of the leadership council to ensure that every member feels welcomed and valued and to respect the personal journeys and individual choices of all our members.

4. Homeschool Adventures is a secular group.

Secular means "not pertaining to or connected with any religion."

The Homeschool Adventures Leadership Council does not promote events whose intended audience is limited to members of a specific religion.

Individual members of the HSAdventures Yahoo Group may post about religious homeschool events but are asked to clearly identify the religious nature of the event.

Events on the online calendar or shared via Facebook or Twitter or forwarded from the HSAdventures Events email account to the HSAdventures Yahoo Group should have no religious teachings, no "Statement of Faith" requirement to participate, no requirement that participants "follow ethical or behavioral guidelines implicit" in the teachings of any religion and must welcome participants regardless of religious beliefs or lack thereof. (Religious content from a cultural, historical, sociological or anthropological perspective is permitted.)

The Homeschool Adventures homeschool groups directory welcomes religious groups but asks that those groups clearly identify themselves as such.

5. Homeschool Adventures shares information, not endorsements.

Homeschool Adventures shares information about all local inclusive secular homeschool field trips, classes and events regardless of how individual moderators and calendar editors feel about the event or the location offering the event. No one should endorse or criticize an event or organization as a member of the Homeschool Adventures Leadership Council. They may share their thoughts and experiences as an individual homeschool parent provided they are clear and explicit that this in their personal opinion/experience and not the position of Homeschool Adventures.

If they are available to do so, members of the Homeschool Adventures Leadership Council may work with homeschool families and organization to help resolve difficulties or address concerns that arise.

6. Homeschool Adventures is committed to treating everyone with respect.

Members of the Leadership Council may not refuse to pass on information that falls within the Homeschool Adventures submission guidelines, regardless of how they might personally feel about the organization, individual or topic. When declining to pass on information that falls outside our scope, members of the Leadership Council must be respectful and polite.

HSAdventures Yahoo Group moderators may not engage in public scoldings or public shaming. If a member of the HSAdventures Yahoo Group submits an off-topic or otherwise inappropriate post to the group, the matter is to be taken up privately with that individual member and not discussed publicly on the Group. Should the HSAdventures Yahoo Group experience a rash of off-topic posts, any public announcement reminding group members about our focus will be timed and phrased so as to not single out any individual or group of individuals. If something egregious should slip through the moderation process, any public response must be approved by at a majority of the Executive Committee and should preferably be delayed to be discussed and approved by a majority vote of the Leadership Council at a Council meeting.

When members of the Leadership Council experience difficulties in their interactions with another organization in their role as a member of the Homeschool Adventures Leadership Council, they may turn to the other members of the Leadership Council for advice and support but may not publicly criticize the organization on the HSAdventures Yahoo Group or the HSAdventures website. Should an organization's behavior be egregious, any official public action taken on behalf of Homeschool Adventures, its members or the Homeschool Adventures Leadership Council must be approved by a majority vote of the Leadership Council at a Council meeting.

7. Homeschool Adventures is an all-volunteer zero-profit organization.

Homeschool Adventures has no paid positions and collects no fees from participants, organizers, or organizations.

8. Membership in Homeschool Adventures is free.

In keeping with being an inclusive group, Homeschool Adventures is committed to never charging a membership fee.

Homeschool Adventures does hold occasional fundraisers to cover the cost of maintaining the website and may consider raising funds to cover other miscellaneous expenses as they arise, but participation in those fundraisers must be fully voluntary: members may be invited to participate, they should not be pressured to do so.

The cost for participation in events organized by individual members of Homeschool Adventures varies with the activity. No fees are charged or collected by Homeschool Adventures for events organized by our individual members or announced on our website or Yahoo Group.

9. Homeschool Adventures website is ad-free.

To avoid the appearance of endorsing products, services or organizations, Homeschool Adventures does not accept paid advertisements on its website.

10. Homeschool Adventures cooperates with and supports other homeschool groups.

Homeschool Adventures welcomes mutually supportive partnerships with other inclusive secular Minnesota homeschool groups that complement rather than duplicate our mission.

However, Homeschool Adventures never discourages other homeschool groups from duplicating our efforts. We recognize that if members of another organization think they also need to do something that we're already doing, then we're probably not doing it in the way they need it to be done.

We recognize that the local homeschool community is very diverse with diverse needs and welcome any group that seeks to meet any of those needs in whatever way they see fit.

Homeschool Adventures is currently partnered with ECHO-MN and MHA and acts to support the success of both.