The Physics Force

Monday, December 9, 2013Friday, December 13, 2013
10:30 am – 11:30 am

The Physics Force

Show dates and times
Monday, December 9 at 10:30am
Tuesday, December 10 at 10am & 1pm
Wednesday, December 11 at 10am & 1pm
Thursday, December 12 at 10:30 am & 7pm
Friday, December 13 at 10am

Physics is fun! If that sounds like an oxymoron to you accept our invitation to see The Physics Force perform at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

The Physics Force is a K-12 outreach program through the University of Minnesota whose greatest success is generating an interest in science in K-12 students. The Physics Force goes above and beyond to educate and entertain by doing things on a grand scale to bring excitement and wonder to the thousands of students who attend Physics Force performances every year.

The Physics Force is supported by the School of Physics and Astronomy, the Dean of the College of Science and Engineering, and the University of Minnesota's Materials Research and Science and Engineering Centers (MRSEC).

The Physics Force is a very successful and entertaining outreach program of the College of Science and Engineering of the University of Minnesota developed to make science exciting and fun for students of all ages. The Force consists of high school teachers and professors from the University of Minnesota School of Physics and Astronomy. The Physics Force has performed variations of The Force at Disney's Epcot Center, parts of it were shown on Newton’s Apple and several members have performed demonstrations on the Knoff-Hoff Show, a very successful German television science program. Join The Physics Force for the fun and excitement (like crushing a 55 gallon steel barrel in a fraction of a second) but don't be surprised when you see how much physics you learn.

The Physics Force web site provides vocabulary, a description of the physics of the demos, cross reference to the FOSS kits, and some experiments you can do at home.

The show lasts about 1 hour.

Target Age Range: ages 5 to 105

Cost per child/student: free!
Cost per edult/educator: free!

Registration: Registration is open to both individual homeschool families and homeschool groups. Register online at You may now reserve as many tickets as you need under one name (previous years limited you to 30 tickets per name).

For more information, contact Nancy Bresnahan at bresnahan [at] physics [dot] umn [dot] edu

Information subject to change. Please check with Minneapolis Convention Center for the most current information.