2014 Meeting of Members: The Past and Future of Homeschool Adventures

Thursday, July 31, 2014
1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Roseville Library

Ramsey County Library

2180 Hamline Ave N
Roseville, MN 55113

Community Program Room

Brought to you by a Homeschool Adventures volunteer organizer!

Description: June 14, 2014 was Homeschool Adventures 10th Anniversary! With over 1500 members today, the group has grown quite a bit since it was founded in 2004! It's also gotten to be a lot more work to keep the group going ... and thus it has become essential that we take steps to ensure the group continues to thrive.

Homeschool Adventures is establishing a Leadership Council to provide overall leadership and strategic direction for Homeschool Adventures. Once established, members of the Leadership Council will set policy and ensures that Homeschool Adventures has the resources to carry out its mission.

Please plan to attend the first annual meeting of members to have a voice in the future of Homeschool Adventures!

The agenda for the meeting is ...
1. Where we've been (about 5 minutes, depending on the number of questions / comments)
2. Where we're going (about 2 minutes, depending on the number of questions / comments)
3. How you can help (about 5 minutes, depending on the number of questions / comments)
4. What do you want? (open ended, depending on the number of comments / questions)

Target audience: For the purposes of this meeting, a member of Homeschool Adventures is defined as a person who …

  1. is a member of the HSAdventures Yahoo Group, and
  2. is a member of a homeschooling family, and
  3. resides in or near the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area in Minnesota, and
  4. is at least 18 years of age.

It is assumed that children will attend with the parents, but parents are asked to please bring along some quieter activities for their children to do during the meeting.

Registration: We did ask for RSVPs, but if you forgot to do so (or simply missed the RSVP request) please come anyway!
Please RSVP to council [at] hsadventures [dot] org if you plan to attend

For more information, contact Vanessa Stephan, Nic Rosenau and Char VanDerSchaegen at council [at] hsadventures [dot] org

The Roseville Library is located at 2180 N Hamline Ave Roseville, MN 55113, about ¼ mile south of Hwy. 36 at the intersection of Country Rd B W and Hamline Ave.

The largest of Ramsey County's libraries, the Roseville branch features a Dunn Bros Coffee, a separate teen space, a large children's room and Children's Reading Garden, study rooms, Internet access, and WiFi. Food and beverages from Dunn Bros Coffee are allowed in the Community Program Room. Please stop and pick yourself up a treat!

The Call for Nominations is open until next Monday, July 14, 2014, although we will allow some leeway. We just want to have enough time to look over the nominations and for the nominees to formally accept their nomination before the Meeting of Members.

Update: We have decided that we need to step back and revamp how we are forming the Leadership Council — largely because we've realized that many of you still have too many questions about what serving on the Council means for you, but also because we've realized that we really ought to explore "best practices" a bit more before holding a formal election!

We will not have a vote at the Member Meeting. Instead, we will briefly review what we hope to accomplish with the Leadership Council and the ways that our members can help make that happen.

We are still accepting nominations — and thanks to those of you who have already volunteered!

Frequently Asked Questions

I. Can I nominate myself?

Yes! Absolutely!

Click here for more information.

II. What do I need to do to volunteer?

We are asking you to look over 4 short documents about HSAdventures to be sure that the Leadership Council interests you and then write a couple of short statements (2 to 4 sentences) about your interests and qualifications.

Click here for more information.

III. How can I help or what skills do I need?

It depends on how you want to contribute. Among the things that we need help getting done in order for HSAdventures to continue to thrive and grow are ...

1. Yahoo Moderator Committee

Most requests are routine and just need to be approved, but Moderators will need reliable and regular internet access and the patience to look over requests carefully enough to catch those that don't belong on HSAdventures. You should also be comfortable with telling people no diplomatically, because sometimes HSAdventures isn't the right group for someone or a post is off-topic. (We always strive to be polite and respectful, and we have response templates written up to help us do so.)

2. Calendar Committee

This is our most pressing need. It's primarily data entry, and it's a good job for someone who wants to contribute but doesn't have the time or patience for governance discussions. It does require good typing and/or proofreading skills. Mistakes do happen, but we want to minimize the occurrence of wrong dates, wrong prices, wrong age ranges, etc.

While it's mostly data entry, there is also room for those with networking/outreach skills as sometimes we need to contact a location for more information or to clarify details; we'd also like to form a sub-committee that works with locations interested in offering (or expanding their existing offerings of) homeschool classes.

3. Treasurer

This is a relatively easy job, but you should be comfortable with numbers and willing to format reports to meet any IRS requirements. HSAdventures has only two expenses — domain registration and website hosting. HSAdventures has had one source of income — the ComedySportz fundraiser — and the Treasurer would be expected to work closely with the fundraising committee and to track the income generated.

4. Fundraising Committee

We have only only two expenses — domain registration and website hosting — but we need to raise about $100 every year to cover that. That cost may go up as we are currently researching a website redesign. Our past fundraisers have been ComedySportz shows, and we've made tentative plans for one on Friday, February 13, 2015, but the Fundraising Committee would be free to pursue other avenues as well.

5. Secretary

We'll have quarterly meetings of the Leadership Council, and we need someone who is willing to take the notes and write them up for our members to review as well as keep track of and report on other Council actions.

6. Incorporation and Nonprofit Status Committee

Incorporation protects members and leaders of HSAdventures from personal liability, while official 501(c)3 status will allow Homeschool Adventures to accept tax-deductible charitable contributions to cover the cost of maintaing the HSAdventures website (and any other expenses that may arise). We've gotten started on this, but we need someone to spearhead its completion.

7. Organizers Committee

We're looking for a small group of experienced organizers to recruit new organizers, assist new organizers to help them have successful events, to ensure the HSAdventures online guide for organizers is both current and comprehensive, to ensure the HSAdventures online database of organizations offering homeschool field-trip-opportunities is kept current and on-topic, and to meet with local organizations interested in establish, expanding or improving their homeschool field trip offerings

Click here for more information.

For more information, contact Vanessa Stephan, Nic Rosenau and Char VanDerSchaegen at council [at] hsadventures [dot] org