Flying Foot Forum / Zorongo Flamenco

Friday, April 21, 2017
10:30 am – 11:30 am

Goodale Theater

Flying Foot Forum is a vibrant and bold percussive dance/theater company that fuses percussion and percussive dances with many other forms of music, dance and theater, telling unusual tales, creating a wild variety of characters, and exploring universal ideas in inventive and exciting new ways.

Zorongo Flamenco is an American Spanish dance company that present both traditional flamenco programs as well as original theater flamenco works; the company is comprised of an ensemble of international artists, dancers and musicians who are renowned for bringing the power, passion and virtuosity of the art of flamenco to American audiences.

The Cowles Center’s Student Matinee program introduces students to professional dance performance through interactive daytime performances in the historic Goodale Theater (formerly The Shubert). With highly subsidized tickets at just $5 per student, The Cowles Center’s Student Matinees are affordable and accessible opportunities for metro area students to engage with the performing arts.

All matinees last one hour, including approximately 50 minutes of dance performance, and 10 minutes of interactive dance activities and Q&A with the artists. Prior to each matinee, all attending educators receive an Interactive Study Guide from The Cowles Center, which includes artist and performance information, dance vocabulary lists, multimedia resources, classroom activities, and theater policies.

During Student Matinees, students are encouraged to be active participants rather than passive observers; students are invited to question dance, engage their curiosity, envision themselves as dancers and art-makers, and move their bodies either from their seats or on the stage.

Target grade level: K-12th grade students

Cost per child/student: $5
Cost per adult/educator: $5

Individual homeschool families and groups are invited to attend student matinees at The Cowles Center at the same discounted rate as school groups. For more information, visit

Reservations: Request tickets online at
The Goodale Theater is a 500-seat house and can sell out quickly. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after placing your reservation. An invoice with payment instructions will be sent in September. Payment is due no later than 3 weeks prior to the matinee date.

Seating policy: Tickets are general admission. Seats are assigned by seating chart based on size of group, accommodation needs, and grade level.

Cancellation policy: If you must make changes to your reservation, you may do so by emailing Hannah Elias, Administrative/Finance Assistant, at helias(at) up until 3 weeks before the matinee date, at which point payment is due and all reservations are final. Refunds cannot be issued after that date.

Sibling policy: Parents are asked to use their best judgment as to whether or not their younger children will be disruptive to other audience members. Everyone attending the matinee will need a ticket, even babes in arms.
Parent/guardian/educator policy: All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

For more information, contact Emily Ban, Education Manager, at 612-206-3643 or eban (at) or visit

Information subject to change. Please check with The Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts for the most current information.