MN Mammals

Friday, September 15, 2017
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Description: What has fur, warm blood, a four chambered heart, glands, and gives birth to live young? Mammals! Learn about mammal characteristics then search for some of Wood Lake's mammals. Dress to be outside!

All participants should arrive at the nature center dressed and prepared to be outside for the majority of the class. A naturalist will lead the group through the activity and parents are expected to stay as well as assist the group when necessary.

Homeschool cooperatives, associations, or groups can sign up for classes on whatever day and time works best for the group, depending on naturalist availability. You must have a minimum of 10 students participating to schedule your own class period for your group. A group must prepay for the entire year to schedule all nine months or any portion thereof. Our schedule fills up quickly, and we do not guarantee we can fit in groups for all their classes if they do not prepay. No Refunds are available unless Wood Lake cancels the program.

The curricula is a fun and exciting introduction to science, natural history, and cultural history. Classes are once a month and follow a five-year rotation. While the format of the class will depend on the topic, you can expect most classes to have a lesson, game, activity, or craft related to the lesson. Classes are designed to be an active learning experience and the majority of the time is spent outdoors. Full five-year curriculum rotation.

Target age range: This program is designed for elementary-aged children 5–13 years.

Cost per child/student: $4
Cost per adult/educator: free

Registration: Pre-registration and pre-payment are required. Register online (type “homeschool” in the “Search Activities” field or click the triangle to expand “Wood Lake Nature Center” and then click “WLNC-Homeschool Classes”) or register via phone call to 612-861-9365.

Sibling policy: Students are considered to be anyone who participates or attempts to participate in the class, regardless of age. Any siblings who are not students need to either stay quietly in the back of the room or be taken to our preschool corner so they're not a distraction to the class. Classes are typically geared for elementary-aged students. If your child is younger than 5 years, Wood Lake offers a preschool program, Nature Adventurers, designed specifically for your child's age. Please call 612-861-9365 for more information.

Parent/educator/guardian policy: Wood Lake Nature Center strives to provide fun and educational joint-learning experiences for both parents and students. Being the children's primary educator, we expect parents to participate and assist with each class. If non-students need to be watched in a separate area, please arrange for at least 1 parent for every 4 students to be available to assist with the class in its entirety.

For more information, contact Molly Olson at mololson(at) or 612-861-0551 or visit


Information subject to change. Please check with Wood Lake Nature Center for the most current information.