Winter Solstice Spree

Thursday, December 21, 2017
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Silverwood Park

2500 County Road E
Saint Anthony Village, MN 55421

Brought to you by a Homeschool Adventures volunteer organizer!

Winter Solstice

Description: Meet on the Great Lawn for winter time play on the shortest day of the year.

If it's too windy, the group will head into the woods to the Dyer's Garden.

When it gets too cold, the group will go indoors to the Silverwood Café for hot cocoa and tabletop games.

The Winter Solstice Spree is being held instead of the regular Thursday LARP. Make-believe is welcome, but this is meant to just be a time for outdoor fun on the shortest day of the year! Expect snow forts, snowballs, and snowmen. 

Dress warmly and bring your winter outdoor play supplies!

The organizers will be bringing their snow-brick makers, snowball scoop, and spray bottles of colored water for decorating snow structures and snow sculptures. 

Target age range: all ages are welcome — this is a teen-run event  

Cost per child/student: free to play, but you might want to plan to purchase a hot beverage and/or a snack at Silverwood Café.

RSVP: RSVP requested. RSVP online at Faceboook HSAdventures Group
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For more information on Silverwood Park, including a park map, visit

Parent/guardian/educator policy: Adult supervision is not provided. This event is wholly run by the teens involved.