American Girl Club Kit at Highland Park Library

Wednesday, February 7, 2018
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Highland Park Library

Brought to you by a Homeschool Adventures volunteer organizer!


Welcome to the American Girl club!  As part of this group, our kids will explore topics in history, do research, practice their presentation skills, and do fun crafts!  Here's how it works:  Each month, your child will read the corresponding American Girl book (or watch the movie).  Then, they'll pick something from that time period that they want to learn more about, do research, and put together a short presentation (3 minutes or less) to show their friends what they've learned.

February 7 Kit

Kit is a tomboy growing up during the Great Depression.  She loves writing, baseball, and adventure.

We'll meet at the Highland Park Library again, from 12-1:30.  

Cost: $4.50

This club was started because my daughter (9) really wanted to join an American Girl club, but (as far as I know) one doesn't exist.  :)  Anyone can join, as long as they like history and crafts.  The age range this is geared for is 1st-5th.  Your child doesn't need to have an American Girl doll to participate, but they are welcome bring their doll (or any other doll) if they'd like.    

This is a drop off class, however I'd definitely like at least one other parent to stay to help :) 

 Please read the cancellation policy before signing up!

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