Water Safety Aid

Tuesday, April 3, 2018Tuesday, May 22, 2018 (8 weeks)
12:15 pm – 1:20 pm

Brooklyn Center Community Center

6301 Shingle Creek Pkwy
Brooklyn Center, MN 55430

Swimming Pool

Description: Learn skills & techniques to aid in the instruction of quality lessons. Work with experienced instructors during our lesson program as an apprentice.

Extended Swim: Student may swim before and after the lesson. If a parent wishes to swim, they pay daily admission fee each day.

Prerequisites: American Red Cross Swim Level 5 swimming ability
Target age range: for ages 12 and up

Cost per child/student: $35 includes extended swim.
Cost per adult/educator: parents wishing to swim pay $5/day (water slide is extra $1).

Registration: Register online for Activity Number 404115-01 at City of Brooklyn Center — select the “Register Recreation” button in the online services column — or call 763-569-3400.

Swim students are asked to check in at the customer service desk each week.

Parent/guardian/educator policy: Parents wanting to swim during Extended Swim must pay daily admission fee each time.

For more information, contact Natalie Ramirez, Aquatics Directors, nulmer(at)ci.brooklyn-center.mn.us or 763-569-3400 or visit cityofbrooklyncenter.org/index.aspx?NID=89

American Red Cross Swim Levels

  • Level 1: Introduces floating, kicking, gliding arm & leg action and breath control. The focus is on becoming safe and comfortable in the water. Work on beginner skills.
  • Level 2: Introduces fundamentals of front crawl & elementary backstroke. Must pass level 1 or able to float on their front & back.
  • Level 3: Builds on skills of level 2. Focus on stroke development as participants learn to survival float, swim front crawl, diving skills, & elementary backstroke. Scissors & dolphin kicks introduced. Learn fundamentals of treading water.
  • Level 4: Butterfly, front crawl, back crawl, backstroke, & safety skills. Learn sidestroke and breaststroke & develop endurance. Must be able to swim 30 meters — front crawl & elementary backstroke.
  • Level 5: Must pass level 4 or swim 50 meters - front crawl, elementary backstroke & demonstrate sidestroke. Refine key strokes, flip turns, & dives.
  • Level 6: Must swim 25 meters — breaststroke, sidestroke, back crawl, butterfly; 75 meters-front & elementary backstroke. Focus on completing 500 meters of continuous swimming using all strokes.


Information subject to change. Please check with Brooklyn Center Community Center for the most current information.