How Do I Join Homeschool Adventures?

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To join Homeschool Adventures, just join the HSAdventures Yahoo Group.

Visit the HSAdventures Yahoo Group on the web and click on Join This Group. You'll be prompted to tell us why you want to join. A member of the Yahoo Moderation Committee may contact you for clarification of your reason.

Register for a Yahoo ID

To join the HSAdventures Yahoo Group via the website, you'll need a Yahoo ID.

Signing up for a Yahoo ID will result in the creation of a Yahoo email account as well (your-id @, but you are not obliged to use your new Yahoo email address for anything, including to join any Yahoo Groups.

Join the HSAdventures Yahoo Group via email

If you do not have a Yahoo ID and do not want to create one, follow these steps to sign up via email:

  1. Send a blank email to hsadventures-subscribe(at)yahoogroups [dot] com
  2. Check your inbox for a confirmation request from — if you don't find it, check your spam/junk/bulk mail folders. This step prevents someone from signing you up without your knowledge or permission.
  3. Reply to that email. (No need to write anything, just click reply and send, all the relevant information is in the email address.)
  4. Check your inbox again for a request from a member of the Homeschool Adventures Yahoo Moderation Committee requesting confirmation that you are a local homeschooler. This step protects the group from unscrupulous spammers. (This email is usually sent fairly quickly, but may be delayed if our volunteer moderators are not immediately available.)
  5. Reply to that email, too, answering any questions asked.
  6. Wait for confirmation that your request has been approved. (This usually happens fairly quickly, but may be delayed if our volunteer moderators are not immediately available.)

Facebook HSAdventures Group

Homeschool Adventures also has a Facebook HSAdventures Group for area homeschoolers to use to both organize and announce local inclusive secular homeschool events in the Twin Cities Metro Area.