What is Homeschool Adventures?

Homeschool Adventures is an all-volunteer network of homeschooling parents.

The volunteers of Homeschool Adventures seek to create a community support network for homeschooling parents volunteering their time to create …

Homeschool Events

… for the local homeschool community.

Homeschool Adventures does not organize, host or sponsor events.

Rather we are homeschooling parents volunteering our time to help other homeschool parents volunteering their time to organize group homeschool events.

We provide a support structure for successful homeschool events through our …

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HSAdventures HSAdventures website (you’re here!)

Any member of HSAdventures can organize a homeschool event - there are no prerequisites, requirements, or permissions needed to get started — just plenty of support!

The HSAdventures website provides many resources for helping individual homeschoolers select and organize successful events with the combined advice of many experienced homeschool event organizers to help them to avoid the most common problems encountered by volunteer organizers of group events.

Field Trip Ideas Field Trip Ideas

The HSAdventures Yahoo Group provides a large member base from which volunteer organizers can find participants. Whether for a small, intimate class or a large group excursion, the HSAdventures Yahoo Group is a great place to find others who share your interests.

HSAdventures Yahoo Group

The all-volunteer Calendar Editor Team at Homeschool Adventures is a group of local homeschool parents who volunteer their time to find and share with other area homeschoolers information about local inclusive secular homeschool events offered by area organizations.

Calendar of Homeschool Events