First Flip Skateboarding Club

Twin Cities Metro Area, MN

Description: Getting kids together at local skateparks to skateboard.

First Flip Skateboarding is a skateclub for kids of all ages and ability levels to get together and skate. Whether your kid is just starting to show an interest or has been skating for years they are welcome. There is always someone availalble to help beginners. And, if mom or dad is a skater, used to be a skater or is feeling adventurous we would love for them to come skate with us too.

SUMMER: We meet most Fridays at local outdoor skateparks in the afternoon (typically 1:00pm) weather permitting.

WINTER:We meet two Friday afternoon's per month at 3rd Lair Indoor SkatePark. Please visit their website to fill out the online waiver if your child has never been there. 

PROTECTION:We strongly recommend wearing a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads while skateboarding.  But, we leave this up to the parent. If we meet at 3rd Liar they require helmets. 

Children's Ages: All ages

When do you meet? Fridays

Costs: Typically none, unless going to an indoor skatepark

Religious Affiliation: none

Contact Information: Carrie Steen
carriesteen(at)msn [dot] com

Information subject to change. Please check with First Flip Skateboarding Club for the most current information. Last updated on Fri, Nov 17, 2017.