FUEL2grow Homeschool Academy

Grow Intelligent Learning Center

13601 Balsam Ln N
Dayton, MN 55327

Is this the year you've felt like throwing in the towel because it's all just too much? Are you new to homeschooling and doing it all seems overwhelming? A new hybrid group of private school and homeschool is starting up in Dayton.


What makes us a hybrid of school and homeschool?
--Two days covering most of your core classes each week.
--Consistent teachers and classmates
--Provided Outstanding Curriculum
--Accountability to finish projects
--Administrator with a Masters in Educational Leadership

--3 day a week at home for other subjects and interests


We offer 2 day a week classes for our kids benefit in academic learning and building relationships, but it's also a benefit to us as moms. With 2 days a week, we can teach one day and have the other day off. 

Other benefits are learning from other teachers, community with other families and accountability with assignments.

Children's Ages: Preschool-8th grade

When do you meet? Wednesday and Friday 9:30-3

Costs: Tiered depending on your teaching involvement

Religious Affiliation: Christian

Contact Information: FUEL2grow(at)teachers [dot] org

Information subject to change. Please check with FUEL2grow Homeschool Academy for the most current information. Last updated on Tue, Sep 6, 2016.