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 Homeschool groups in Minnesota that are currently seeking new members.


Homeschool Adventures is an all-volunteer homeschool support group made up of nothing but homeschooling parents working together, volunteering our time, to pool information about local homeschool opportunities for our kids and make this fabulous and free community-created resource that the entire local homeschool community can use.

The homeschool groups submission form is for homeschool groups who are ...

  • currently welcoming new members
  • located in Minnesota (or near the state line)

The homeschool group submission form was developed by the community to elicit answers to the questions most commonly asked. Please try to include all the information requested (that is applicable). If you feel unsure or uncertain about anything asked, just answer to the best of your ability as a volunteer will review your submission and clean it up if necessary prior to publication.

Submissions may be edited for compliance with these posting guidelines or to fit our website formatting and style preferences.

For our purposes a homeschool group is any group of homeschoolers who meet regularly and work together (cooperate) to make whatever they do happen. This includes

  • playgroups
  • support groups
  • book clubs
  • science clubs
  • hiking clubs
  • parent-led classes
  • coop-based instructor-led classes
  • scouting and 4-H groups
  • orchestras, bands and choirs
  • acting troupes
  • pretty much anything else a group of homeschoolers might make happen together.

Location information is optional as we recognize that not all groups have a permanent meeting location, but we encourage groups to complete at least the city, state and zip code portion of the location field.

Metro-wide coops may enter Twin Cities Metropolitan Area as the City and use the Postal Code 55401 for an approximate center.

A zip code is required for your group to show up when prospective members search by distance for nearby groups, so don't skip location information entirely!

Precise selection of Standardized Search Terms will also help prospective members find your group. You should use “human understandable” language in the description field and then also check these "machine readable" fields to ensure successful searches.

Please choose wisely to most accurately describe your group. You'll only frustrate and annoy those who are trying to find the right group by over-selecting.

For example, …

  • If your group is not just for those exploring or using a particular homeschool style, approach, technique or philosophy, please choose on “No Preferred Homeschool Style” rather than selecting all the possible homeschool styles.
  • If your group offers weekly instructor-led classes, your group is not a social group no matter how much socializing happens before, during, between and after those classes; nor is it accurately described as a field trip group if you also offer a semi-annual group field trip.
  • If your group meets sporadically on random days, don't check every day of the week as your meeting day.

If you wish to be able to return and edit your submission, please login or register before creating it. If you forgot to login first, please contact us and request that we link your entry to your UserName.