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This is directory of homeschool groups who are ...

  • currently welcoming new members
  • located in Minnesota (or in Wisconsin near the state line)

It is not intended to be a complete directory of all homeschool groups.

For our purposes a homeschool group is any group of homeschoolers who meet regularly and work together (cooperate) to make whatever they do happen. This includes

  • playgroups
  • support groups
  • book clubs
  • science clubs
  • hiking clubs
  • parent-led classes
  • coop-based instructor-led classes
  • scouting and 4-H groups
  • orchestras, bands and choirs
  • acting troupes
  • pretty much anything else a group of homeschoolers might make happen together.

Location information is optional as we recognize that not all groups have a permanent meeting location, but we encourage groups to complete at least the city, state and zip code portion of the location field to help prospective members search for groups nearby.

Metro-wide coops may enter Twin Cities Metropolitan Area as the City and use the Postal Code 55401 for an approximate center.

What makes this directory different from other directories is that it is designed to keep itself current. There are few things more frustrating to a homeschool family in search of a group then a list of groups that are either closed to new members or have dissolved. Listings expire automatically after one year unless they are renewed. (Reminders are sent to the listing's owner to prompt them to renew if they are still open to new members.)

If you wish to be able to return and edit your submission, please login or register before creating it. If you forgot to login first, please contact us and request that we link your entry to your UserName.