Home-educators Of Metro East (H.O.M.E.)


H.O.M.E. (Home-educators Of Metro East) is a secular co-op offering professionally taught, small-group classes. The group was founded with the vision of being community-centered and earth-inspired and the goals of building community among homeschooling families in the eastern Twin Cities Metro area and helping our kids connect with the world around them through global awareness, local relationships, and an understanding of nature. The co-op is on hiatus for the 2016-17 school year. If you are interested in contributing for fall 2017 or beyond, please get in touch. The website shows classes offered in 2015-16. In the future, we hope to offer a variety of classes in science, social studies, foreign language, music, and the arts.  

Children's Ages: preK/elementary

When do you meet? East Metro

Costs: vary by class

Religious Affiliation: none

Contact Information: Sarah Stai

Information subject to change. Please check with Home-educators Of Metro East (H.O.M.E.) for the most current information. Last updated on Thu, Sep 1, 2016.