MERCY Homeschool Academy

Minnewashta Church

26710 West 62nd Street
Shorewood, MN 55331

Description: MERCY Homeschool Academy is a Christ-centered co-op that is focused on building relationships and community while enhancing home education through classes taught by professional tutors.  On Wednesdays, there are bi-monthly classes for students in preschool to 8th grade. 

Children's Ages: PK - 8th grade

When do you meet? Bi-monthly classes are held on 2nd and 4th Wednesdays.  Weekly classes are held every Thursday.

Costs: $25 per child registration fee.  Class prices range from $40 - $85 per year for bi-monthly classes. p>

Religious Affiliation: Christian

Contact Information: Jennifer Johnson mercyhomeschoolacademy(at)gmail [dot] com

Information subject to change. Please check with MERCY Homeschool Academy for the most current information. Last updated on Wed, May 7, 2014.