MindCraft Homeschool Group

Meetings on the first Friday of every month.


Description: All you need to do is bring your kids and a laptop. If bringing a laptop is not an option, there will be a kind soul willing to let you look on. You are welcome to bring a tablet instead; you'll just have to experiment with how that interfaces with everything.

No Griefing: No destroying the properties others have made.

The group has been doing Survival Mode. Volunteers are trying to make it possible to have both options available so individuals can choose which best suites them; no promises, but it looks promising!

If you have been to any of the CheckMate Chess Club sessions, it will be run in a similar fashion. Which means, all ages, levels and genders. Come and go as you can, informal and....FuN! That being said, it is easier to "plug in" if the kids are there toward the beginning of the session.

As a mom who brings along a toddler, the organizer finds the space wonderfully conducive to younger siblings.

Target age range or prerequisite skills: all ages, levels and genders. We should be set up to accommodate beginner to 'expert.' And if you have an expert among you, we'll probably tap into her/his skills to help others!

Cost per child/student: free
Cost per adult/educator: free
The cost to run the server for the program is covered by a volunteer, Andrew. If you are able, please consider a minimal donation of a quarter per child.

Registration: No pre-registration required. You can come and leave as you wish, although if you come closer to the start time it will be easier to plug into a game.

Homeschool Adventures members can find additional information in the Yahoo Group's Message Archive. Not a member yet? Join Homeschool Adventures! Membership is free and open to all area homeschool families.

Information subject to change. Please check with MindCraft Homeschool Group for the most current information. Last updated on Wed, Mar 25, 2015.