"Name Pending" Homeschool Group (NPH)

Moir Park (Weather Permitting)

10320 Morgan Ave
Bloomington, MN 55431

First things first, NPH does not stand for Neil Patrick Harris, though we'd invite him in if he asked. NPH stands for Name Pending Homeschoolers. Odd name? Yes. But it was named by the children when the group first started many years ago, and the kids have no intention of ever calling it anything else. So with that...
The "Name Pending" Homeschool Group (NPH) is a secular, open, and inclusive homeschool community that meets in the southern part of the Twin Cities (primarily in Bloomington and South Minneapolis). Our goal is to be your regular homeschool destination on Thursday afternoons, a weekly homeschool palooza, if you will.
We are open to all ages (infant to 99+). There are no dues, but we will occasionally use an indoor space (during rainy days and the winter) and those spaces may require a per child fee (examples: Good Times in Eagan or Edinborough Park in Edina). Regular attendance is not required, but it is appreciated as it helps develop the sense of community.
We meet year-round on Thursday afternoons from Noon-4:00ish at Moir Park (weather permitting), homes, and other locations for casual social time for both the children and parents. We are a VERY laid back group. There are never classes or coordinated activities. It's just a time for the kids to enjoy free play and socialize with friends. More importantly, it gives the parents time to relax, vent, get a little fresh air, share ideas, borrow books from each other, whatever. Our families represent a variety of homeschool styles and a variety of worldviews are represented and welcome with the understanding that no topic is off the table in parent conversations (one can only discuss math curriculum for so long before going crazy).
There is no formal approval process to join NPH -- everyone is welcome -- but new families must attend for a few weeks before they are added to the Secret NPH Facebook group. This procedure gives new families time to see if the group is a good fit – we can be fairly irreverent -- AND it allows current members to get comfortable with new families before giving new families access to the personal information (addresses, etc.) found on the private Facebook page. The NPH Facebook group is also useful if weather moves us to an alternate location, you need to arrange for transportation, you need to tag another parent in (we all have days like this), etc.
Please note: ALL NPH communication is done via Facebook. NPH has no formal policies but there is an understood expectation that children and parents will treat each other with respect. Bullying and/or aggressive behavior will not be allowed. We do encourage the children to problem solve any personal conflicts that may arise, parents stepping in only when needed.
If you are interested in learning more about NPH please shoot me (Kelly) an email at kmbecko(at)gmail [dot] com
The NPH Family 

Information subject to change. Please check with "Name Pending" Homeschool Group (NPH) for the most current information. Last updated on Fri, Aug 26, 2016.