Planet Homeschool

Faith United Methodist Church

2708 33rd Ave NE
Saint Anthony Village, MN 55418

Planet Homeschool (PHS) is a parent-administered, secular, teen-focused homeschool co-op offering both full-year and semester-long courses.

Planet Homeschool welcomes everyone regardless of ability, gender, culture, race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation or educational philosophy. Everyone is expected to treat each other, the community and the space with respect.

Instructors are passionate about their crafts, actively engaged in their fields, and offer a wide selection of courses.

2016-2017 courses include Minnesota History; Medieval History; Cults and Extreme Religions; US Government and Civics; Chemistry; Geography; Geology; Life of Shakespeare; Tales with a Twist; Literature with Harry Potter; What the Dickens?; Sign Language; Spanish; Japanese; Drawing; Art History; Essay and Nonfiction Writing; Creative Writing; Radio Journalism and Podcasting; Probability and Statistics of Games; Programming; Engineering; Robotics Musical Theater Production; Theater Production Arts; Fandom; Fencing; and Ballroom Dance.

When do you meet? Fridays, 9am–3:20pm, September through May
 Not Back to School Picnic: Sep 9, 2016
 Fall semester: 12 weeks: Sep 16–Dec 16, 2016, no classes on Oct 7 or Nov 25
 Spring semester: 16 weeks: Jan 13–May 19, 2017, no classes on Feb 24 or Apr 14
 End of the Year Picnic or Make Up Day: May 19, 2017 (May be used as an adverse-weather-cancellation make-up day, in which case the End of the Year Picnic will be held May 26, 2017.)
 Daily schedule:
  Set-up: 9am-9:15am (15 minutes)
  1st period: 9:15am–10:30am (1 hour, 15 minutes)
  2nd period: 10:35am–11:50am (1 hour, 15 minutes)
  Lunch: 11:55am–12:25pm (30 minutes)
  3rd period: 12:30pm–1:45pm (1 hour, 15 minutes)
  4th period: 1:50pm–3:05pm (1 hour, 15 minutes)
  Clean-up: 3:05pm–3:20pm (15 minutes)

 Annual membership fee: $70 for 2016-2017
  Used to pay rent, insurance, website fees, and other overhead costs. The annual membership fee is non-refundable.
 Tuition: Varies by course and instructor, from $8 to $15 an hour
 Materials fees: Varies by course and instructor. Many classes do not have any materials fees, those that do typically charge from $15 to $50 per semester. Some courses may have required textbooks that students purchase independently.
 Tuition and materials fees are paid directly to the class instructor. Instructors will issue refunds only for cancellations made at least one week prior to the first day of class.

Children's ages: Planet Homeschool accepts families with at least one student ages 12 years or older. There are no exceptions made to this rule, but classes are available for siblings as young as 9.

Planet Homeschool is a vibrant, inclusive and welcoming learning community that attracts an exceptional group of lively, intellectually curious students and an array of talented and supportive parents who have built this co-op from its start in 2000.

Parent commitments: Parents are expected to help in running the cooperative. Most families volunteer 2 to 4 times each year as Parent Monitors during the co-op day, but other volunteer opportunities are available as well.

Student responsibilities: All students are expected to help with set up and take down of classrooms and common areas. The lease provides that we will handle our own rearranging of furniture and that things need to be put back in place for the church's weekend activities.

For more information contact the PHS Leadership Team at PlanethomeschoolMN(at)gmail.com or visit homeschool-life.com/mn/planethomeschool/.


Getting there

Planet Homeschool meets at Faith UMC in Saint Anthony Village, which is located between Silver Lake Rd and Stinson Blvd at 2708 33rd Ave NE.

From I-35W north, take exit 24 for Cleveland Ave/County Rd C. Keep right at the fork, following signs for Westbound and merge onto County Rd C. In about 1 mile, County Rd C become 29th Ave NE when you cross New Brighton Blvd. Drive another ½ mile and then turn right onto Silver Lake Rd NE. Drive north another ½ mile and then left onto 33rd Ave NE. The entrance to the parking lot for Faith Church will be on your left.

From I-35W south, take exit 25B for County Rd 88 and merge onto County Rd 88 south. Drive 1 mile and then turn right onto Country Rd C2 W / 33rd Ave NE. Drive about another ¾ mile to the entrance to the parking lot for Faith Church, which will be on your left.


Information subject to change. Please check with Planet Homeschool for the most current information. Last updated on Sun, Apr 23, 2017.