Rice County Inclusive Home Educators (RCIHE)

Rice County

Northfield, MN 55057

Description: Are you a home educator who lives in or near Rice County, Minnesota? ALL homeschoolers from secular to religious-based, unschooling to classical method, all-in-one curriculum to piecemeal... and every other option are welcome to join this group!  We do not require that people are silent about their beliefs - friendly discussions are allowed, but we do ask that people be respectful of others' choices and try not to cross the line between a discussion and a lecture or conversion. We organize Rice County-area events (Northfield, Faribault, Dennison, Dundas, Lonsdale, Morristown, Nerstrand, etc.) such as historical-perspective art classes, field trips to area businesses and organizations, nature center walks, park days, game days, and classes in a variety of topics including things like robotics, engineering, or programming. Anyone can LIKE the Facebook page, but the Yahoo group will be restricted to allow for more personal conversations and information to be shared.

Children's Ages: Birth to adult

When do you meet? We meet as events are available.

Costs: No membership fees, but certain events may have costs associated which will be payable to the business or organization hosting the event.

Religious Affiliation: None; inclusive.

Contact Information: Jen Rothmeyer, jennifer [dot] rothmeyer(at)gmail [dot] com

Information subject to change. Please check with Rice County Inclusive Home Educators (RCIHE) for the most current information. Last updated on Mon, Jul 14, 2014.