Twin Cities Homeschoolers' Co-op (TCH Group)

Twin Cities Metropolitan Area

Description: The TCH Co-op is a community for families who are interested in regular gatherings & field trips. We're a secular, inclusive group, warmly welcoming all families with children born between 2000-2007 (younger/older siblings welcome). During the school year we meet on Mondays for field trips, and Thursdays for afternoon trips to various places, ie: nature centers; where we'll have classes taught to us by the naturalists and artists, as well as participate in outdoor recreation school, art classes, The Bell Museum, & The Works Museum, among others.

Generally our field trips are during the late morning, and our classes are in the early afternoon. We are a very active group. Our range is the Twin Cities with a 30 minute radius around the metro area. Our gatherings consist of field trips, art, nature ctr days & more. Every event is open to the goal age range. Activities and events are planned by the members of the group. We have everything from one time classes and field trips, to a yearly series of classes. We ask everyone to come to at least 2 events each month, and help the group by coordinating, or helping to coordinate, classes, field trips and/or offering new ideas and suggestions during the year.

Our goal is to create lasting friendships for the kids & families in the group. We encourage conflict resolution, kindness, and team work. Everyone is respected and included when we get together. 

Feel free to check us out to see if we're a good fit for your family. 

School year: Mondays - wide variety of fun field trips and classes hosted & organized by families in the group. Thursdays - a series of art & science focused explorations at nature centers, classes hosted & organized by families, and hands-on activities at local museums, along with a splattering of events on other days during the month depending on what families would like to host and set up.

Summer: Loosely planned park days during the month. 

In addition to all of our fun activities, each year we have a fall family picnic, a valentine's celebration, & a yearbook.

There is a $10.00 yearly participation fee per family which is due annually on June 1. This is used to pay for the family picnic whichfd TCH hosts for its members.

Children's Ages: 6-13

When do you meet? Mainly Mondays & Thursdays. 

Costs: Varies: free to $10.00 per event/person. 

Religious Affiliation: none

Contact Information: twincitieshomeschoolgroup(at)gmail [dot] com

Information subject to change. Please check with Twin Cities Homeschoolers' Co-op (TCH Group) for the most current information. Last updated on Sun, Sep 22, 2013.