Twin Cities Homeschool Band

Bethlehem Baptist Church — North Campus

5151 Program Ave
Mounds View, MN 55112

Description: The Twin Cities Homeschool Band (formerly known as the Shoreview homeschool Band) is the most complete homeschool band program in the Twin Cities, offering a variety of bands and lessons from beginners through advanced high school level. The band has been in operation since 1999, and graduating students have gone on to prestigious university music programs and made music their career.

Band Director: Affectionately called “Mr. B.”, Bruce Bissonett has extensive instrumental teaching experience on all levels. He received a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Minnesota and a Master’s Degree from Vander Cook College of Music in Chicago. Mr. Bissonett has received a letter of commendation for excellence in education from Sevastopol School. Mr. Bissonett has performed with Allegro Sinfonia, a classical orchestra, and Prevailing Winds, a woodwind quintet. He uses his musical talents to glorify the Lord in the Ran Project and In the Spirit, an evangelical Christian music ministry. At Christ Life Evangelical Church, Mr. B. directs worship.

Children's Ages: options for 4th grade and up, beginners through advanced

When do you meet? Thursdays

Bands perform public concerts throughout the year. All bands perform in our Christmas and spring concerts. Other concert opportunities may include band room concerts, the Mall of America, and Lyngblomsten Care Center.

Beginning Band: For students in 4th–12th grade with no previous band experience. Each weekly rehearsal is ½-hour long with an additional ½-hour group lesson. Beginners typically start with group lessons only for the first few weeks. At the beginning of October, Beginning Band practices for the first time as a complete group. Beginning band meets in the morning.

Concert Band: For students who have played their instruments for at least 1 year. Each weekly rehearsal is ½-hour long with an additional ½-hour group lesson. Concert Band meets mid-morning to mid-afternoon.

Symphonic Band: For experienced band students, by audition (for chair placement). Symphonic Band rehearsal is 1 hour each week. Symphonic Band meets in the afternoon.

Jazz Band: For students who have completed Essential Elements Book 2 and above. This group includes Symphonic and Concert Band members. The Jazz Band rehearses ½-hour every other week. Jazz Band meets mid-afternoon.

Ensembles: For Symphonic Band members only. We have a Flute Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Woodwind (clarinet/saxophone) Ensemble, and a Percussion Ensemble. The Ensembles rehearse ½-hour every other week. Ensembles meet mid-afternoon.

High School Band: For Symphonic Band members in 9th-12th grades. Each weekly rehearsal is ½-hour long. High School Band meets late afternoon.

Cost per child/student: $50/month for 9 months (September–May)
Registration fee: $10/student
Annual family fee: $110/family — covers the weekly building rental, concert rentals, receptions, music, awards, certificates, website hosting, and other miscellaneous materials.

Instruments: Each student is responsible for providing their own instrument. Many music stores offer rental programs or a trial period. Refer to our website for a list of music stores for instrument purchase or rental.

Lesson Books: Each student is responsible for purchasing their own lesson books. (Refer to the website for the most current required lesson books). Books may be purchased online or at most music stores. Please visit our website for a list of stores that carry these lesson books.

Registration: Register online at

Parent volunteers: Parent involvement is vital to the function of our band!! Parents provide the necessary administrative support to Mr. Bissonett. All parents of band students are considered volunteers. It is essential that all band families monitor a few times each year. The number of families enrolled in the band determines the number of times a parent will have to monitor. During the 2015-2016 school year, each family volunteered one or two times. Families are also required to assist at one concert reception (The Reception Coordinator will contact you ahead of time). We love our convenient location and generosity of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Mounds View, MN. Twin Cities Homeschool Band strives to maintain a good working relationship with Bethlehem Baptist Church.

Student Expectations


  • Practice what you have been assigned 20 to 60 minutes per day, 5 to 6 days per week
  • Come to your lesson/rehearsal on time and prepared
  • Play only your own instrument
  • Keep an organized band folder with all of your band music, lesson materials, practice report, and pencil with an eraser
  • Fill in your weekly practice report
  • Keep your instrument in good playing condition and have the necessary supplies (reeds, mallets, books, oil, cork grease, etc.) on band day


  • Be 5 to 10 minutes early for lessons, rehearsals, and concerts
  • Listen and respond appropriately to Mr. B and the band parent monitor
  • Bring something to do while you wait in between your lesson and practice times
  • Respect the practice facility, property, and grounds – stay away from and out of the pond
  • Understand you will be responsible for your actions
  • Be respectful of the other students and don’t carry on conversations or use any electronic devices while Mr. B works with specific groups/people during practice
  • **NO CELL PHONE/IPOD USE WHILE IN REHEARSAL, CONCERTS, OR LESSONS!!** If you are seen using your device, it will be confiscated until the end of the rehearsal, concert, or lesson.

Parents: You are responsible for your own student(s) and/or child(ren). Any misbehavior, damage to property, or injury caused by your student(s) and/ or child(ren) will be the responsibility of your family. Please make sure they read and understand the handbook. You may not leave any non-band children or any band student 10 years or younger unattended for any reason.

Gymnasium: A gymnasium is available for band students, parents, and younger siblings to use while waiting or between lessons. ANYONE 18 YEARS OF AGE AND UNDER must be under parental supervision at all times while in the gym! Be respectful. Play safe. STAY OFF OF THE STAGE. Please bring your own equipment (i.e. balls, jump ropes, etc.) as those items are not provided. Play at your own risk. Twin Cities Homeschool Band/Bethlehem Baptist Church is not responsible or liable for any injuries, damages, or losses incurred and/or caused during activities such as playing in the gym, playing in the parking lot, study room, hallways, or any other area.

Dress Code – Band Lessons and Rehearsals

  • Undergarments remain well covered
  • Shirts cover the stomach, even when the person is seated
  • Short shorts or short skirts are not allowed; tank tops or low cut shirts are not allowed
  • Printed sayings on shirts must be appropriate for wearing inside a church

Dress Code – Concerts/Performances

Beginning Band Dress Code for Concerts/Performances

  • All students wear nice Sunday type dress clothes (no jeans or tennis shoes).

Concert, Jazz, and Symphonic Band Dress Code for Concerts/Performances

  • Each student must have two bow ties: red (Christmas concert) and blue (spring concert). Bow ties are $5 each and can be purchased at the Monitor’s table two weeks before the concert. (checks are payable to Twin Cities Homeschool Band)
  • Concert/Symphonic Band Gentlemen
    • Black dress pants (no jeans)
    • Long-sleeved white collared dress shirt
    • Black dress shoes and black dress socks (no tennis shoes or white socks)
    • Bow tie (Christmas concert-red; spring concert-blue)
  • Concert/Symphonic Band Ladies
    • Below the knee when seated or longer black skirt (this is critical as the students perform on a raised stage) or black dress slacks (ABSOLUTELY NO YOGA PANTS, STRETCHY PANTS, LEGGINGS, CAPRIS, BLACK DENIM, ETC.)
    • Long-sleeved or 3⁄4 length collared white shirt
    • Black closed toe dress shoes and black hose or tights (plain hose only – no designs, no trouser socks)
    • Bow tie (Christmas concert-red; spring concert-blue)
  • No tight fitting skirts, side slits, tight pants, short sleeves, t-shirts, shirts that do not button all the way up, tennis shoes, boots, sandals, athletic socks, or open toe shoes
  • If any student is inappropriately dressed, they will either be asked to change or will be unable to perform.

All accompanying family members should abide by the dress code when in Bethlehem Baptist Church.

For more information, contact Carl at tubaguy(at) or visit

Information subject to change. Please check with Twin Cities Homeschool Band for the most current information. Last updated on Wed, Dec 7, 2016.