Reaching Homeschoolers

There is no one group that either represents or reaches all homeschool families in Minnesota, but contacting the first four groups listed below will put you in contact with the majority of them.

Please don't spam! Please ask permission before adding any of the following organizations to your email marketing list.

1. Homeschool Adventures (HSAdventures | HSA)

Our mission is to provide area homeschoolers with a one-stop resource for local secular homeschool offerings — whether it be an event, a field trip idea, an educator discount or another local secular homeschool opportunity.

We use the following methods for reaching homeschoolers:

home pageThis website which includes ...
CalendarCalendar of local secular homeschool events
Field trip ideasLocal secular homeschool field trip ideas (including custom classes)
Homeschool ClassesLocations offering local secular homeschool events
Homeschool DiscountsLocal homeschool discounts for homeschool educators and homeschool families
Homeschool GroupsHomeschool groups seeking new members
Homeschool TutorsHomeschool tutors and private instructors
Homeschool Testing ResourcesHomeschool testing resources
Facebook at
Twitter at
Google Plus
Google Plus at
Yahoo GroupYahoo Groups at
You do not need to join our Yahoo Group to get information out to our members (unless you're also a local homeschooler, in which case you'll want to join to get information about other area offerings). Just send your information to info(at)hsadventures.org or use the appropriate online submission form, and one of our volunteers will make sure your submission gets shared.

2. Minnesota Homeschoolers’ Alliance (MHA)

MHA is an inclusive organization encouraging, supporting and informing all Minnesota homeschooling families with a website full of information, mini conferences, 5K family event, book sale, science fair, and a fantastic summer picnic.

MHA will consider your event for forwarding to their members.

Minnesota Homeschoolers Alliance

3. ECHO-MN (Eclectic Community of Homeschooling Opportunities in Minnesota)

ECHO-MN is a volunteer-run outreach group designed to help you learn about homeschooling. ECHO began as a support group for families with preschool age children and has grown into a large and diverse online support group of homeschooling families from Minnesota and surrounding areas.

ECHO-MN will consider your event for forwarding to their members.


4. Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators (MACHE)

MACHE is another statewide organization that provides support to Christian homeschool families.

5. Other Groups

There are also a number of smaller cooperatives and support organizations, such as HEdFEx, Planet Homeschool, and MCGT Homeschoolers, which may be interested in distributing information about your offerings to their members.

Please don't spam! Please ask permission before adding any of the above organizations to your email marketing list.