Homeschool Reporting Form Due (aka Minnesota Compulsory Instruction Report)

Minnesota Homeschoolers’ Alliance

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Minnesota law requires homeschooling families to report certain information to their school district by Oct 1st of every year after a child turns 7 years old.

Minnesota Homeschoolers' Alliance (MHA) has prepared The MHA Homeschool reporting Form that will walk you through complying with these reporting requirements. Just print a copy of the correct form (your first or initial report or your continuing-to-homeschool letter), and then fill in the blanks with your family’s information as you read through it.

Use Caution With Other Reporting Forms!

Your school district may have forms of its own that it asks you to use, and it may even insist that you “must” use their forms. You don't, and their forms usually ask for more information than they are entitled to receive. Use the MHA forms instead.

The Minnesota Department of Education has also prepared a reporting form, called the Minnesota Compulsory Instruction Report, and a number of school districts routinely send that form to their homeschooling families. That form also asks for more information than you are required to provide. Use the MHA forms instead.

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Additional information

Minnesota’s homeschool reporting requirements are not particularly onerous. The annual reporting requirement can be met with a minimum of time and for only the cost of paper, ink, envelope and postage.

Most years, most homeschoolers will send in a single one page form that asks for just three straightforward bits of information.

You can download all the necessary forms free of charge from MHA

  • Letter of Intent to Continue (for established homeschoolers)
    • This form is just 3 fields:
      1. your school district number
      2. the name of your superintendent
      3. your own name
    • plus any changes made (such as switching to a different standardized test, a different test administrator, or adding a child)
  • Initial Report to Superintendent (for new homeschoolers)
    • This form requires you to complete just 7 to 9 fields including
      1. your school district number
      2. the name of your superintendent
      3. your name
      4. your address
      5. your child(ren)'s name(s)
      6. your child(ren)'s birthdate
      7. either the name of your accrediting agency
        or the name of the standardized test that you've chosen to use plus
      8. the name of that test's administrator and
      9. the location of that test (“at home” is acceptable)
  • a link to the MN Dept of Health Immunization Form if needed
    • Immunizations must be submitted with your Initial Report to Superintendent and again with your Letter of Intent at the start of a child’s seventh-grade year. Your pediatrician can probably provide you with a printed record of your child's immunizations that may be submitted instead.

NOTE: You don't even need to use these forms. The forms certainly make the already simple process easier, but you can just write it all down on a piece of paper instead.

Make a copy for your own records and then mail your form (or forms) to your school district. That’s it.

Standardized Tests

You do NOT report your standardized test results.

You report …

  1. which standardized test you are using
  2. who will administer the test
  3. where the test will take place.

The results of the test are for your information.

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Educator IDs

You can get credible Educator ID cards (aka Teacher ID cards) for free.

  • Most places that want proof of your homeschool status will request a photocopy of your “Letter of Intent” instead of asking for an Educator ID card.
    • Many homeschoolers choose to make a wallet-sized copy of their “Letter of Intent” in lieu of an Educator ID card.
    • A “Compulsory Instruction Report” is just a different name for your “Letter of Intent.”
  • A few places will request a signed letter attesting to your homeschool status instead of asking for an Educator ID card.

If you want an Educator ID card:

  • Just design and print your own; no lamination necessary, but feel free to get fancy if you enjoy such things — you can google "teacher id" for examples and ideas.

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Information subject to change. Please check with Minnesota Homeschoolers' Alliance (MHA) for the most current information.