Active Solutions

Custom classes

Custom classes

Description: Active Solutions is a portable gymnasium with Physical Education instructors that come to your community's gymnasium (or other space) and exclusively work with your students/children at their indoor or outdoor public/private facilities.

Physical Education instructors will customize your program to meet your year-round activity needs. Active Solutions provides all the equipment and manages all the registration. Active Solutions offers single or multiple outings to large groups, small groups or for individual instruction. All of Active Solutions' equipment is new, professional grade and designed for elementary, middle school and high school students/children. Active Solutions transports all equipment from site to site and includes all the essential elements to your program.

Active Solutions takes the best of Physical Education and creates an experience your students/children will not forget. This experience is designed to keep kids engaged in learning activities and to keep their heart rates elevated. Character building, cooperative skills, individual success and safety are all emphasized. Math, reading, health, nutrition, fitness and wellness are also incorporated into the lessons.

It is the goal of Active Solutions to provide knowledge and use of lifetime skills: math, reading, health, nutrition, fitness, wellness and individual and team related principles and activities. There are four overriding goals when approaching each facet of the subject matter: safety, challenging each individual’s personal best, character building and having fun. Physical Education instructors emphasize outdoor and indoor play, recreation, fitness and adventure. Your surrounding community is unique in that it affords students/children the opportunity to explore a wide variety of lifetime activities. Active Solutions uses your unique community as a base camp for many outdoor excursions that branch out in all directions.

For more information, contact Pat Caldwell at 612-802-7882 or pc.activesolutions(at) or visit


Lynnhurst Recreation Center

Lynnhurst Park

1345 W Minnehaha Pkwy
Minneapolis, MN 55419 


Information subject to change. Please check with Active Solutions for the most current information. Last updated on Thu, Aug 25, 2016.