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Yo-Yo Pro Demonstrations

Incredible Teaching Demonstrations: Treat your students to an unforgettable lesson in physics, skill toys and fun. The outline for Air Traffic's yo-yo demonstrations was developed using Air Traffic's 20+ years of yoyo knowledge and combining it with our yoyo expert's skills and vast experience. This combination of knowledge and skill creates an interactive, educational and exciting event. Air Traffic's provides these demonstrations in an effort to help the children in our communities enjoy skill-based learning in a fun, approachable environment.

How the Program Works: Spend an afternoon with the Pros. Two of Air Traffic's Yoyo Pros will come to a location you provide for a 45-minute demonstration, highlighting the science, skills and history of yo-yos including:

  • The mechanics, including the spin and how a yo-yo works.
  • An introduction to the five styles of play.
  • An opportunity for hands-on instruction for some of the students (varies with class size)
  • Demonstrations of some amazing tricks!
  • Students also receive a list of tricks to help them stay motivated to continue to learn and develop long after Air Traffic's Yoyo Pros stop teaching.

Educational Benefits: It's not just a toy, it's a skill. The act of learning to use a skill toy, in particular yo-yos, exercises multiple regions in the brain and enhances both individual development and group social development. Teachers see better school cohesion and socialization across age groups and cliques. Students see the basic principles of physics in action, improve their hand-eye coordination, and are encouraged to showcase their skills and perform in front of their peers.

About our Pro Leader: Over 25 years of performance experience. Mick Lunzer has been a juggler and street performer for the past 25 years, winning many international awards both as an individual and as part of performance groups. His current performance troupe is The Danger Committee, a comedic, skills-based performance group that attained national notoriety on NBC's America's Got Talent, and have since had multiple appearances on television and the stage. Thanks to his artistic innovations, Mick is on his way to becoming one of the world’s Grand Master Yo-Yo Champions.

Book Your Demonstration: To book or inquire about rates, contact manager Matt Riggs at Matt(at)Airtrafficonline [dot] com (Matt [at] AirTrafficOnline [dot] com) or call the Eden Prairie location at 952-941-3335.

Cost: Program cost varies depending on the size of the group. There are additional charges for mileage for programs in greater Minnesota. Scholarships are available to eligible organizations.

If you want to continue your yo-yo education with more hands on instruction, the Air Traffic Yo-Yo Team is happy to offer smaller group lessons after the program or during classroom time, PE, or recess. This is a great opportunity to treat select groups of students or classrooms to a special reward! These specialized classes are taught at an additional hourly rate.

Getting there

Parking information: Plenty of parking is available in the parking ramps on the east and west sides of Mall of America. Park in the west ramp to be closest to Air Traffic.

Driving directions: Air Traffic is located at 343 West Market inside the Mall of America which is at 60 East Broadway, Bloomington, MN 55425. There is plenty of parking in the ramps on site. (Air Traffic recently relocated from the North Garden, so if you think you know where it is and find it isn't there, head west toward Nordstrom.)

Information subject to change. Please check with Air Traffic Kites & Games for the most current information. Last updated on Wed, Apr 2, 2014.