The Art Academy, Inc.

651 Snelling Ave S
Saint Paul, MN 55116

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Description: The Art Academy was founded on a simple yet revolutionary philosophy: That with time, encouragement and the proper instruction, anyone can learn to draw and paint exceptionally well.

The Art Academy's mission has always been consistent: To provide excellent traditional art education for beginning to advanced children, teens and adults.

The Art Academy instructors always stress practice over talent. Combining a unique patented teaching methods with a student’s best efforts to release a wealth of hidden artistic potential, students acquire the skills to become a fully expressive artist. Students will see dramatic improvements in their confidence and ability from this very positive structured program.

The teachers at The Art Academy follow the master/apprentice tradition that predates the Renaissance. In that system, apprentices improved in the craft of drawing and painting through systematic instruction based upon the study of the achievements of great artists of the past. In addition, the master/apprentice system encouraged instructors to take the lead in demonstrating proper methods and principles so apprentices could fully understand the task at hand. By adopting this philosophy at The Art Academy students dramatically improve their skills and build confidence as they apply their newly acquired knowledge to their most dignified creations.

To support this teaching methods, instructors works with a small group of students. Most often the student/teacher ratio approximates 3-5 students per instructor. This classroom structure guarantees that all students receive consistent one-on-one attention as they progress throughout the program.

Phone: 651-699-1573
Mailing address: 1269 Como Blvd W, Saint Paul, MN 55103

Homeschool classes

Description: Students begin with black and white drawing exercises in pencil and pen and ink. After basic skills are learned, children advance to color in watercolor and oil. All levels of study, from beginning to advanced are accepted.

Target age range: for ages 9–18 years

Class size: student to teacher ratio of about 3-6 students per teacher

For more information, call 651-699-1573 or visit

Private Lessons

Description: Students seeking a very focused and personalized learning experience may choose private lessons with a senior instructor. Projects are tailored to the individual’s needs and goals, while still honoring The Art Academy's core belief that practice builds skills which in turn fosters creativity. All senior instructors have taught hundreds of students to draw and paint well, and they are skilled artists and teachers.

Cost per child/student: $50/hour

For more information, call 651-699-1573 or visit

Getting there

Parking information: The parking lot has two entrances, one off Snelling and off Scheffer. Cars can exit into the alley behind the lot or onto Snelling. Street parking is also available.

Parking lot etiquette: Please avoid idling your car near the entrance to the school when you are picking up or dropping off students. Otherwise a line of cars quickly forms that blocks other parents from accessing the parking lot. If you see a parking space available, please take it.

Driving directions: The school is located on the corner of Snelling Ave and Scheffer Ave, just a few blocks south of Randolph.


Information subject to change. Please check with The Art Academy, Inc. for the most current information. Last updated on Tue, Dec 12, 2017.