Bubble Smash Sports

Field trips

Description: Bubble Smash Sports is a fast-paced sport that lets players bash, crash and smash their way across the field. Most often used for soccer games, the bubble suits keep players safe, while letting them land the biggest of hits.

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Field trips

Description: With fully transportable equipment, Bubble Smash Sports can come to the field of your choice.

Bubble soccer is by far the most popular option, however, there are several other exciting group games to play using the bubble suits if soccer isn't your thing.

Plan to bring your own water! T-shirts and knee-length shorts are most comfortable when wearing a bubble ball. Jeans are not recommended. No clothing with sharp or pointy objects. While not mandatory or completely necessary, kneepads are recommended as there is lots of falling and bouncing involved and many players get up using their knees. Plan to remove all jewelry or anything that could fall off or break during athletic play. Wear contacts if you can, but if that is not an option, plan to use a band to secure your eyeglass frames.

While bubble sports can be high contact and perhaps look dangerous, the suits protect you from constant bashing and smashing. The referee's job is to ensure that play is always conducted safely.

Each package includes set up time, ball, referee, goals and cones - everything you need to play. Custom packages and events available upon request.

1 Hour of Play
10 Bubble Suits: $300
12 Bubble Suits: $350

2 Hours of Play
10 Bubble Suits: $400
12 Bubble Suits: $450

3 Hours of Play
10 Bubble Suits: $500
12 Bubble Suits: $550

Plan on at least 10 players (5 vs. 5) on the field at one time with plenty of substitutions.

Target age range: While there is no set age limit, the durable bubble suits are generally too large for younger children, so the youngest players should be in their teens. The recommended maximum weight is 200 pounds for the large suits and 140 pounds for the medium suits.

For more information, contact Joshua Fryc or Macayla Stone at 651-230-9412 or bubblesmashsports(at)gmail.com or 2355 Fairview Ave, Suite 155, Roseville, MN 55113 or visit bubblesmashsports.wix.com/home

Information subject to change. Please check with Bubble Smash Sports for the most current information. Last updated on Sat, Nov 14, 2015.