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Homeschool classes

Horse Course is designed to introduce homeschooled students ages 7 and up to the wonderful world of horses.

Horse Course 101-106 are available September through May.

Each class (i.e. 101, 102, 103, etc.)  is held for four consecutive weeks and lasts for two hours.

The first hour is in the “classroom” learning about horses and their care. The second hour is dedicated to a structured riding lesson in our arena. Homework and quizzes are given to reinforce learning.

Because each course builds off the knowledge learned in earlier classes, students must take classes in order. (You cannot take Horse Course 103 unless you have completed 101 and 102.)

Final registration numbers and payment is required two weeks in advance with a deposit or credit card number to hold.

Minimum of four students is required to hold a class. 

Cost: $145/student per 4-week course

More information at bunkerparkstable.com/education/home-school-program/

Field trips

Pony Rides
More information at bunkerparkstable.com/recreation/pony-leads/
$12.00 plus tax/child

The perfect activity for the younger horse lover! The pony is led by the parent/guardian (an adult, over age 18) on a shaded continuous loop path. Due to insurance requirements, bike helmets are no longer allowed to be worn by riders on the ponies, but riding helmets are included in the price.

Hay Rides
More informaton at bunkerparkstable.com/recreation/hay-rides/
$85 for 10 people or less
$8/person for 11 or more, plus tax
Two years old and under free!

Hay Rides are a great group activity. Come and experience a horse drawn hay ride pulled by our team of gentle draft horses. Gather your family, friends, or co-workers and pile on our large, flat bed wagons for a fun filled, hour long ride through the park. One wagon can accommodate up to 40 people. If your group is larger than that, multiple wagons will be taken out.

Trail Rides
More information at bunkerparkstable.com/recreation/trail-rides/
$34.00 plus tax/person

No experience is necessary to enjoy the natural beauty of Bunker Hills Regional Park from horseback. Bunker Park Stable has a wide variety of horses, including draft horses, for all sizes and skill levels. Come by yourself or bring a group. They schedule up to 15 riders per hour and are able to accommodate more riders if needed. Rides are offered year ’round!

Sleigh Rides
More information at bunkerparkstable.com/recreation/sleigh-rides/
Sleigh rides are available provided we have sufficient snow. They have several sleighs available, to suit any occasion: a 2-4 person Antique Sleigh, a 14 person Red Bench Seat Sleigh, and two 25-30 person Flatbed Sleighs. The Antique Sleigh ride is half an hour and the larger sleighs are approximately hour long rides. Reservations are necessary. If we do not have sufficient snow at the time of your ride, a flatbed hay wagon will be taken out instead. A deposit or credit card number is needed to hold a reservation.  Please designate one person as a group leader who will be responsible for coordinating the activity.
ANTIQUE SLEIGH (half hour ride)
$75 + tax / 1 – 4 people

RED BENCH SLEIGH (one hour ride)
$100 + tax / 1 – 14 people Ages 2 and under are free

FLATBED SLEIGH  (one hour ride)
$85+ tax / 1 – 10 people
$8 per person+ tax /  11 or more  Ages 2 and under are free

Meet ‘N’ Greet
More information at bunkerparkstable.com/education/meet-n-greet/
30 minutes
$5 per person ($25 minimum)

If you want to spend some time grooming a horse or pony, Bunker Park Stable can arrange a hands-on, non-riding activity where you will use their supplies to gently groom or brush. This is a good horse introduction for someone who may be afraid or someone who is physically unable to ride.

They also offer a Barn Tour/Pony Grooming experience. This is also a hands-on, non-riding activity. Whether you have a day-care, church group, or you’re interested for yourself, come see where we keep our saddles and feed our horses. Enjoy some time grooming some of their friendly ponies while learning a thing or two about equines.

Barn Tour with Pony Grooming (1/2 hour)
More information at bunkerparkstable.com/education/barn-tours/
$5 per child ($25 minimum)
 If your horse-or pony-lover would like to have a close-up, hands-on experience with ponies, Bunker Park Stable can arrange a Barn Tour with Pony Grooming! We’ll take your child, or your group, on an interesting, fact-filled tour through their barn with access to saddles, viewing of the stalls; then grab some grooming tools to spend the remainder of the half-hour prettying up the ponies! Even if you aren’t here for any other activity, this one is pretty cool.

Information subject to change. Please check with Bunker Park Stable for the most current information. Last updated on Mon, Aug 28, 2017.

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