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Submission guidelines for field trip ideas, local homeschool discounts and sites offering homeschool classes and events

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Our submission form for sites offering homeschool field trips & custom group classes, homeschool classes & events, and discounts for homeschool educators & families includes the most commonly asked questions, so please include all the information requested (unless it is clearly not applicable to your site).

If you prefer, you may submit your site via email instead.

Submissions may be edited for compliance with these posting guidelines or to fit our website formatting and style preferences.

If it's NOT a local, secular homeschool opportunity, please do not complete the Site Submission Form as all other suggestions must be sent via email, if they are accepted at all.

Our Local Area

All sites should fall within or be close to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Metropolitan Area in Minnesota.

Field Trip Ideas

Field Trip Ideas

Sites listed under Field Trip Ideas have expressed an interest in working with homeschool groups to set up group daytime, weekdays field trips, events, and classes.

Generally speaking a field trip organizer should expect to ...

  • work with the site to select a topic and/or activities, to set a date and time for the field trip, and to establish a cost per participant and a minimum and maximum group size
  • collect both registration information and payments from individual participants
  • make a single lump sum payment for the field trip to the site
  • act as a point-of-contact for the group, communicating site policies and expectations to all members of the group and facilitating group check-in on the day of the field trip.

Homeschool organizes will find extensive help on setting up field trips under Organizing Adventures.

See HSA Events for a listing of upcoming field trips organized by Homeschool Adventures Volunteer Organizers.

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Homeschool Classes & Events

Homeschool classes

Sites listed under Homeschool Classes & Events offer programs ...

  • that are scheduled by the location itself
  • for which the site itself collects registrations and payments from individual homeschool families
  • that are during the daytime, on a weekday and during the school year
  • that are for homeschooled children ages 5 and up

Please see our Event Submission Guidelines for more details.

For a listing of upcoming events and classes, please see the Calendar. Upcoming events at a site also appear in the sidebar on the site's information page.

For a historical record of past events and classes, see the Calendar Archive.

Please note that we have a special section for Homeschool Groups and for Tutors and Private Instructors. Homeschool groups should use the Group Submission Form and tutors and private instructors should use the Tutor Submission Form.

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Local Homeschool Discount

Local Homeschool Discounts

Sites listed under Local Homeschool Discounts might offer ...

  • discounted memberships to home educators and their families
  • discounted admission to homeschool families
  • group rates to individual homeschool families (regardless of size)
  • discounted admission during daytime-weekday hours
  • discounts on purchases for home educators

You may need to present proof of homeschool status to receive a discount. This might be your Report to the Superintendent/Letter of Intent to Homeschool. It might be your membership card to ECHO-MN or MHA. You can also print or order your own homeschool ID card at the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op.

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Homeschool Adventures is a support network for homeschool families not a marketing group for local organizations. While it is exceedingly rare that an organization's desire to promote local secular homeschool opportunities conflicts with our members' desire to know about the same, should a conflict arise, the interests of our members is our only priority. Should the Homeschool Adventures Leadership Council feel that your marketing material is incomplete, unclear, misleading or otherwise inappropriate, we may decline to share it with our members or opt to alter so as to best serve the interests of our members.