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Projects and programs for kids at Leonardo's Basement grow from a simple belief that children are excellent judges of their own desires and need to learn. All Leonardo's Basement programs have grown from children's interests and demands as well as the need to offer a unique learning experiences to families, the desire of children to build and work in the real world with like-minded adults and the goal of helping parents to better understand the interests and needs of their children. Leonardo's Basement mission is to design programs for children who are active, kinesthetic learners and builders and actively involve youth from groups often underrepresented in technical and science-related programs while educating families through hands-on activities and other learning opportunities.

Leonardo's Basement is influenced by a history of education psychology and philosophy that includes John Dewey (active learning), Jean Piaget (constructivism), and Howard Gardner (multiple intelligences) and the belief that children should understand their learning strengths and employ them to develop skills and knowledge about their world. The name Leonardo's Basement purposefully invokes this spirit of intent. Leonardo daVinci remains the best representation of a curious and observing mind relating the disciplines of art, science, and technology. The name also conveys that Leonardo's Basement is about discovery and experimentation and the informal atmosphere and creative work associated with heading down into the basement to tinker. Supervised, but kid directed, Leonardo's Basement projects give enormous discretion and power to children.

Phone: 612-824-4394
Email: info(at)leonardosbasement.org

Homeschool Classes

Design and build science, art and technology projects with instructor support. A unique learning experience for active, kinesthetic learners and builders who wish to build and work in the real world with like-minded adults in order to develop both skills and knowledge about their world.

Cost per Child/Student: $25/2-hour workshop

Minimum Class Size: unknown
Maximum Class Size: unknown

Target Age Range: Leonardo’s Basement’s focus is on children ages 6 to 17.

What to Wear: Students should wear clothes that are appropriate for a workshop and studio environment.

  1. Feet should be totally protected (no sandals or open toed shoes or flip flops).
  2. Long hair must be tied back/secured if working with tools.
  3. No loose clothing or jewelry (loose sleeves, shirt tails etc). Any apparatus with moving pulleys or shafts (pumps, power tools) presents special safety concerns. Loose clothing poses a particular hazard when working with this type of equipment.
  4. Safety glasses are required whenever working with or near hammers, jigsaws, and compressed air or when otherwise requested by an instructor.
  5. No personal stereos (I-Pod, Walkman, etc.) in work areas.
  6. Students may not use cell phones during class time.

Safety Policy: Children will be supervised at all times. The goal of Leonardo’s Basement is to create a fun, engaging and safe learning environment. However, the potential for accidents remains. Students may use tools such as utility knives, hot glue guns, hammers, saws, compressed air and power tools while at Leonardo’s Basement. Students are expected to use tools safely at all times. Projects make messes; in order to keep the workshop safe, students need to clean up at the end of class and whenever an instructor asks them to clean up. It is the responsibility of the student and the parent to read the Student Safety Guidelines prior to attending a class. Signing the registration form is an acknowledgement that you have read the Student Safety Guidelines.

Sibling policy: All children in attendance must be enrolled in the program.
Parent/guardian/educator policy: This is a drop-off program. Adults are welcome, but not required to attend with their builder. Students may not be dropped off more than 15 minutes prior to a class or picked up more than 15 minutes after a class. Students may not wait outside Leonardo’s Basement for any reason. A parent, guardian or other designated adult must pick up a student directly from the teacher at the end of class. Please notify Leonardo’s Basement in advance if someone other than a parent or guardian will pick up a child. Written parental permission is required before a student will be allowed to walk, bike or take the bus home.

Cancellation Policy/Cancellation Deadline: Please register carefully. If Leonardo’s Basement cancels a class, you will be notified and offered an alternate class; if your child cannot attend another class, Leonardo’s Basement will refund the class fee in full. If you cancel your registration at least 2 weeks before the class begins, Leonardo’s Basement will refund the class fee less a $25 processing charge. If you cancel at least 1 week before the class begins, Leonardo’s Basement will refund 50% of the class fee. Leonardo’s Basement will not refund the fee if you cancel less than 1 week before the first day of class.

Scholarships: One-third of all children participating in programs at Leonardo’s Basement receive scholarships based upon household income. Scholarship funds are provided by generous individuals, corporations and foundations. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Leonardo’s Basement. Scholarships are available during the school year for families eligible for the reduced fee or free lunch program or with family income less than $45,000. All families requesting scholarship funds must provide income verification. Families must provide a copy of the reduced fee lunch program eligibility letter from your school district or page one of your IRS Form 1040. Leonardo’s Basement must receive this information one week after registering or the student will lose their place in the class. Clarify details, eligibility requirements, and scholarship availability by calling Leonardo’s Basement at 612-824-4394.

Field Trips

Instructors from Leonardo's Basement are available to lead homeschool students interested in building group and individual projects. Leonardo's Basement will work closely with you to design an activity that reinforces your academic curricula. Classes can be held in a Leonardo's Basement workshop or at your site.

After School Workshops

After School Workshopsseries begin at 2pm and go until 4:3pm on Wednesdays & Fridays. (Students may arrive and leave at any point during the workshop time.)

Getting There

Parking Information: On street parking only.

Driving Directions: The workshop is now located to 60th St & Pillsbury Ave, just west of Nicollet Ave.


Information subject to change. Please check with Leonardo's Basement for the most current information. Last updated on Sat, Sep 3, 2016.