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Historic Hamm Building
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Student matineesGetting there

Student matinees

Description: Award-winning education program for 7th–12th grade students with weekday performances of both literary classics and cutting edge contemporary theatre.

Proscenium Stage seats 348.
Andy Boss Thrust Stage seats 200.

Cost per teen/student: $15 for groups of 10 or more
Cost per adult/educator: $15, 1 free chaperone ticket for every 20 student tickets purchased

Seating charts, tickets and details for many nearby lunch options are mailed in advance to help you plan. Amenities include playbills, reserved/ushered seating, and concessions available for purchase at intermission ($2 each).

Study guides: Classroom-ready study materials written by teachers make prepping students easier. Study guides contain a plot summary, character information, and activities and articles that help establish the historical, literary and cultural context of the play. Study Guides are designed to be classroom-ready, allowing educators to duplicate materials for easy distribution to students.

For more information, contact Megan Losure at 651-291-9196 or education(at)parksquaretheatre.org or visit parksquaretheatre.org/education/student-matinees/.

Immersion Days

Engage with the performance in a deeper and more meaningful way. Immersion Day teaching artists enrich each student’s experience by sharing their passion for theatre, illustrating theatre as a collaborative art, and highlighting the importance of preparation and interpretive choices.

Groups of 20–150 may enrich their trip with one or more of these experiences added to the show:

  • Small Group Workshops: Before the performance, students participate in small group workshops with local teaching artists. Stage Combat, Improv, Makeup and more.
    Minimum: $120 (equivalent to 20 students)
    Maximum: 150 students
    Cost per teen/student: $6
  • Build a Moment: Get backstage perspectives from the actors and designers. Students can then gain a unique backstage perspective through experiencing a large group demonstration wherein actors and designers from the production perform short sections of the play
    Minimum: $400 (equivalent to 66⅔ students)
    Maximum: 150 students
    Cost per teen/student: $6
  • Talk with the Actors: Post-show discussions with the cast continue the learning. Students gain unique access to the actors and technicians involved in the production.
    Minimum: $100 (equivalent to 100 students)
    Maximum: 150 students
    Cost per teen/student: $1
  • Full Immersion Day Small Group Workshops plus Build a Moment plus Talk with the Actors
    Minimum: 70 students
    Maximum: 150 students
    Cost per teen/student: $12

For more information, contact Megan Losure at 651-291-9196 or education(at)parksquaretheatre.org or visit parksquaretheatre.org/education/immersion-days/.

Getting there

Parking: Meters are available on St Peter and Wabasha for approximately 50¢ per 15 minutes. Meters are enforced Monday–Saturday 8am–5pm.

Nearby parking ramps include the Lawson Commons Ramp, Macy’s St Paul Ramp, World Trade Center Ramp, RiverCentre Ramp, Victory Ramp and Kellogg Street Municipal Ramp.

Directions: Park Square Theatre is conveniently located on a pedestrian mall that runs parallel to and between 6th & 7th Streets and St Peter & Wabasha. We are across Wabasha from the World Trade Center.

From points west (Minneapolis), Take 94 East to the 10th Street exit. Go right onto St. Peter. Seventh Place is 2 1/2 blocks ahead on the left.

From points east (Woodbury, Wisconsin), Take 94 West to 6th Street exit. Follow to Wabasha. Turn right onto Wabasha. Seventh Place is 2 blocks ahead on the left.

From points north (Arden Hills, Roseville), Take 35E South to the Wacouta Street Exit. Follow Wacouta to 6th Street and take a right. Go right onto Wabasha. Seventh Place is 1 block ahead on the right.

From points south (MSP Airport, Burnsville), Take 35E North to the 11th Street Exit. Take 11th Street to St. Peter St. and turn right. Seventh Place is 4 blocks ahead on the left just past 7th St.

For more information, visit parksquaretheatre.org/your-visit/getting-here/.

Information subject to change. Please check with Park Square Theatre for the most current information. Last updated on Mon, Aug 29, 2016.

2016-17 3M Student Series

Matinees start times vary from 9:30am to 2pm.

The Liar
By David Ives; Directed by Doug Scholz-Carlson; Adapted from Le Menteur by Pierre Corneille
Sep 9 – Oct 2, 2016
Student matinees: Sept 27 & 28, 2016
Proscenium Stage
Recommended grade levels: 10th-12th grades
Dorante can only lie and his new manservant Cliton can only tell the truth. As this unlikely pair navigates 26 hours of misguided love, mistaken identities and ridiculously delicious rhymed couplets, the surprise of their unexpected past is revealed. Four couples court and confuse and conquer. Your students will love this hilarious romantic comedy of manners reminiscent of Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, but rendered in the rhythm of contemporary rap. This new “translaptation” (adaptation/translation) of Corneille’s French comedy by David Ives will have your students in stitches even as they recognize the elements of French Drama.

The House on Mango Street
By Sandra Cisneros; Adapted by Amy Ludwig; Directed by Signe V. Harriday
Oct 21 & 22, 2016
Student matinees: Oct 11 – Nov 4, 2016
Proscenium Stage
Recommended grade levels: 8th-12th grades
New to the neighborhood, Esperanza Cordero hopes she will make friends and find a home. The house is not all she hoped for and her family doesn’t understand her need to write, but the colorful neighbors and their stories of loss and longing fill her days with a rich wealth of human experience. As Esperanza and her friends begin to experiment with high heels, makeup, and boys, she watches the older girls and women struggle with their relationships and lack of identity, and is both fascinated and repelled by her approaching womanhood. Her poetic writings about her experiences and those of her immigrant family and neighbors are humorous, poignant and timely. Your students will identify with Esperanza’s struggle to break away from her roots and grow past her childhood home to become the writer she must.

A Raisin in the Sun
By Lorraine Hansberry; Directed by Warren C. Bowles
OCT 28 – NOV 20, 2016
Student matinees: Nov 1 – Dec 22, 2016
Andy Boss Thrust Stage
Recommended grade levels: 8th-12th grades
An African-American family struggles with poverty, racism, and inner conflict as they strive for a better way of life. Based on Hansberry’s family’s struggle to live in a wealthy white neighborhood in Chicago, A Raisin in the Sun, is a deeply moving story about the Younger family, who, after the death of their husband and father, struggle to come to consensus on how to spend the $10,000 in life insurance his death will bring them. Each of the family members dreams of a new future that this money will provide. As they struggle amongst themselves about who should decide and how the money should be used, the characters share the depth of their dreams and the heartbreak of their bitter desperation. The first play by a Black woman to be performed on Broadway, and recently revived in an incredibly successful production in 2012, this historically significant literary work will illuminate and provoke discussion about current issues and policies that underlie and stem from institutional racism in America.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
By William Shakespeare; Directed by Elena Gianetti. Original Concept and Staging by Jef Hall-Flavin
Student matinees: Dec 5-22, 2016
Proscenium Stage
Recommended grade levels: 8th–12th grades
Treat your students to this delightful and romantic romp through the forest with Titania, Oberon, Puck, the young lovers, and those crazy townspeople who are rehearsing a play. In this inventive version of Shakespeare’s most beloved comedy, nine actors play all the roles, transforming from lovers to fairies to mechanicals. Our student audiences have been delighted with this passionate, youthful, and accessible rendition of Shakespeare’s classic.

Flower Drum Song
Music by Richard Rodgers; Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II. Book by David Henry Hwang; Directed by Randy Reyes. Co-Production with Mu Performing Arts
Jan 20 – Feb 19, 2017
Student matinees: Jan 31, Feb 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 2017
Proscenium Stage
Recommended grade levels: 8-12 grades
Forced to leave China to escape political oppression after the death of her father, Mei-Li emigrates from China to San Francisco where she seeks the help of Wang, her father’s former colleague from the Chinese Opera. As she tries to adjust to her new life in the United States, Mei-Li finds herself working in San Francisco’s Chinatown at a theatre that hosts traditional opera, directed by Wang. Here she meets Wang’s son and protégé, Chin, who is trying to bring his father’s theatre into the modern era through cabaret-style performances. As Mei-Li begins to navigate the cultural expectations as a young Chinese woman in America, she discovers she loves Ta. Through their relationship, Ta begins to see Chinese culture and opera in a new way just as his father begins to give up on the art form and yields to a vaudevillian style cabaret of musical numbers, jokes, and sketches that bring in huge box office profits. As Ta and his father clash and then reverse roles, Ta and Mei-Li become street theatre artists who use the stories and aesthetics from traditional Chinese Opera to create a new Chinese-American art form. Some of the struggles and generational differences of immigrants and refugees are brought to light through the power of song and dance. In this 2003 adaptation of Rogers and Hammerstein’s 1959 classical musical, playwright David Henry Hwang (M. Butterfly) portrays the struggles of recent immigrants to the United States. Immigrants from all cultures may find parts of their own struggle in this story.

Nina Simone: Four Women
By Christina Ham; Directed by Faye M. Price
Feb 7 – 26, 2017
Student matinees: Feb 14, 15, 21, 22, 2017
Andy Boss Thrust Stage
Recommended grade levels: 10th-12th grades
One of America’s most prominent musicians and activists comes to life in this world premiere musical play. Born in the Jim Crow South, Nina Simone became one of the most vocal musicians of the Civil Rights Movement with her signature combination of classical jazz and social awareness. Regina Williams stars as the troubled and influential singer-songwriter who broke barriers and rules in this honest and heart-filled exploration of the life and music of Ms. Simone.

The Diary of Anne Frank
By Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett; Directed by Ellen Fenster
Student matinees: Feb 28 – Apr 28, 2017
Proscenium Stage
Recommended grade levels: 7th–12th grades
In this account of eight Jews hiding in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam, Anne Frank emerges from history as an inspiring and intensely gifted young woman. Your students are sure to be moved by this important story of a young woman whose imagination and whose hope would not be stifled by her confinement. The hiding and arrest of the Frank family will help bring the realities of the Holocaust more directly into your classroom.

By William Shakespeare; Directed by Jef Hall-Flavin
Mar 17 – Apr 9, 2017
Student matinees: Mar 30-May 5, 2017
Andy Boss Thrust Stage
Recommended grade levels: 8th–12th grades
When Macbeth learns from supernatural sources that he is to ascend to Thane of Cawdor and then to the throne, he has no earthly way of knowing if these predictions are true. When he is soon promoted to Thane of Cawdor, he sends word of this auspicious vision and confirmation of the future to his wife. Upon his return from battle, Lady Macbeth begins a seductive campaign to incite her husband to immediately murder his way to the throne by killing King Duncan. Macbeth hesitates to attain the throne through such violent means, but is eventually persuaded by Lady Macbeth to seize the power he has been promised. After Macbeth takes possession of the throne, he finds he must murder others – including women and children – to retain his power. Eventually these heinous acts bring him into the company of consummate evil. This 90-minute adaptation staged on our 200-seat thrust stage will bring this haunting tale of ambition vividly to life for your students.

For more information, visit parksquaretheatre.org/education/education-matinees-2016-17/

2016 – 2017 Season

The Realistic Joneses
By William Eno; Directed by Joel Sass. Area Premiere
Sept 23 – Oct 16, 2016
Andy Boss Thrust Stage
Meet Bob and Jennifer and their new neighbors, John and Pony, two suburban couples who have even more in common than their identical homes and their shared last names. As their relationships begin to irrevocably intertwine, the Joneses must decide between their idyllic fantasies and their imperfect realities.

The Soul of Gershwin: The Musical Journey of an American Klezmer
Music and Lyrics by George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin. Additional Lyrics from Porgy and Bess by DuBose Heyward. Created and Written by Joseph Vass; Directed by Peter Moore
Dec 2 – 31, 2016
Proscenium Stage
Back by popular demand! This soulful play takes you back to early 1900s New York City— a creative melding of different cultures that created our distinctive “American Songbook.” George Gershwin himself, joined by three stunning singers and a fantastic band, reveals the folk songs, blues, jazz, Yiddish theatre, cantor chants, and opera that fused into songs like “I Got Rhythm” and “Embraceable You.”

Big Money
Produced by Sandbox Theatre. World Premiere Created by the Sandbox Theatre Ensemble; Led by Derek Lee Miller
Jan 12 – 28, 2017
Andy Boss Thrust Stage
The ever-innovative ensemble will devise another world premiere story told with imagination and plenty of movement, this time based on the life of Michael Larson, who cracked the code of the 1980s game show “Press Your Luck.”

The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence
By Madeleine George; Directed by Leah Cooper | Area Premiere. 2014 Finalist, Pulitzer Prize for Drama
April 7 – 30, 2017
Proscenium Stage
Four Watsons: trusty sidekick to Sherlock Holmes; loyal engineer who built Bell’s first telephone; unstoppable super-computer that became reigning “Jeopardy” champ; amiable techno-dweeb just looking for love. This brilliantly witty, time-jumping, loving tribute is dedicated to the people – and machines – upon which we depend.

Amy’s View
By David Hare; Directed by Gary Gisselman. Regional Premiere
May 12 – June 4, 2017
Proscenium Stage
Everyone has a different view. Amy’s view is that love conquers all. In 1979 Amy visits her mother, the West End actress Esme Allen, with a big favor to ask and a brash new boyfriend in tow. When the pair meet, Amy will find the views she holds so dear are painfully tested as she has to decide what’s worth fighting for. What none of them can know is that the events of that day will set in motion a chain reaction which will dramatically change their lives forever.

Up: The Man in the Flying Chair
Produced by Theatre Pro Rata. By Bridget Carpenter; Directed by Carin Bratlie Wethern. Regional Premiere.
May 24 – Jun 11, 2017
Andy Boss Thrust Stage
20 years ago Walter Griffin attached 45 helium-filled weather balloons to a lawn chair and found himself 16,000 feet above the world. Today he’s furiously holding onto his dreams and the faded memory of that glorious day, doing everything he can to keep his feet from touching the ground.

Might As Well Be Dead: A Nero Wolfe Mystery
By Joseph Goodrich; Directed by Peter Moore. Adapted from the Novel by Rex Stout. World Premiere Commission by our Mystery Writers Producers’ Club.
Jun 16 – Jul 30, 2017
Proscenium Stage
Eleven years ago, wealthy Nebraska businessman James Herrold unjustly threw his only son, Paul, out of the family business. Now he wants Nero Wolfe to find Paul so he can make amends. But what if the young man doesn’t want to be found? And what if he’s the same Paul Herrold on trial for murder? This case draws the great detective and his devoted sidekick into a web of deceit, one that even the master sleuth may regret taking on.

Idiot’s Delight
Produced by Girl Friday Productions. By Robert E. Sherwood; Directed by Craig Johnson
Jun 29 – Jul 23, 2017
Andy Boss Thrust Stage
Winner of the 1936 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Idiot’s Delight is a romantic commentary on greed, idealism, love, and the grim realities of war. An eccentric assortment of characters are stranded together in a European mountaintop resort at the outbreak of war, including a munitions magnate, his mysterious Russian mistress, and an American song and dance man with his chorine companions “Les Blondes.” Girl Friday Productions brings its signature large ensemble cast to this dramatic comedy with musical accents, set in a world on the brink.

For more information, visit parksquaretheatre.org/box-office/2016-2017-season/