Park Square Theatre

Historic Hamm Building
20 W 7th Place
Saint Paul, MN 55102

Student matineesGetting there

Student matinees

Description: Award-winning education program for 7th–12th grade students with weekday performances of both literary classics and cutting edge contemporary theatre.

Proscenium Stage seats 348.
Andy Boss Thrust Stage seats 200.

Cost per teen/student: $15 for groups of 10 or more
Cost per adult/educator: $15, 1 free chaperone ticket for every 20 student tickets purchased

Seating charts, tickets and details for many nearby lunch options are mailed in advance to help you plan. Amenities include playbills, reserved/ushered seating, and concessions available for purchase at intermission ($2 each).

Study guides: Classroom-ready study materials written by teachers make prepping students easier. Study guides contain a plot summary, character information, and activities and articles that help establish the historical, literary and cultural context of the play. Study Guides are designed to be classroom-ready, allowing educators to duplicate materials for easy distribution to students.

For more information, contact Megan Losure at 651-291-9196 or education(at) or visit

Immersion Days

Engage with the performance in a deeper and more meaningful way. Immersion Day teaching artists enrich each student’s experience by sharing their passion for theatre, illustrating theatre as a collaborative art, and highlighting the importance of preparation and interpretive choices.

Groups of 20–150 may enrich their trip with one or more of these experiences added to the show:

  • Small Group Workshops: Before the performance, students participate in small group workshops with local teaching artists. Stage Combat, Improv, Makeup and more.
    Minimum: $120 (equivalent to 20 students)
    Maximum: 150 students
    Cost per teen/student: $6
  • Build a Moment: Get backstage perspectives from the actors and designers. Students can then gain a unique backstage perspective through experiencing a large group demonstration wherein actors and designers from the production perform short sections of the play
    Minimum: $400 (equivalent to 66⅔ students)
    Maximum: 150 students
    Cost per teen/student: $6
  • Talk with the Actors: Post-show discussions with the cast continue the learning. Students gain unique access to the actors and technicians involved in the production.
    Minimum: $100 (equivalent to 100 students)
    Maximum: 150 students
    Cost per teen/student: $1
  • Full Immersion Day Small Group Workshops plus Build a Moment plus Talk with the Actors
    Minimum: 70 students
    Maximum: 150 students
    Cost per teen/student: $12

For more information, contact Megan Losure at 651-291-9196 or education(at) or visit

Getting there

Parking: Meters are available on St Peter and Wabasha for approximately 50¢ per 15 minutes. Meters are enforced Monday–Saturday 8am–5pm.

Nearby parking ramps include the Lawson Commons Ramp, Macy’s St Paul Ramp, World Trade Center Ramp, RiverCentre Ramp, Victory Ramp and Kellogg Street Municipal Ramp.

Directions: Park Square Theatre is conveniently located on a pedestrian mall that runs parallel to and between 6th & 7th Streets and St Peter & Wabasha. We are across Wabasha from the World Trade Center.

From points west (Minneapolis), Take 94 East to the 10th Street exit. Go right onto St. Peter. Seventh Place is 2 1/2 blocks ahead on the left.

From points east (Woodbury, Wisconsin), Take 94 West to 6th Street exit. Follow to Wabasha. Turn right onto Wabasha. Seventh Place is 2 blocks ahead on the left.

From points north (Arden Hills, Roseville), Take 35E South to the Wacouta Street Exit. Follow Wacouta to 6th Street and take a right. Go right onto Wabasha. Seventh Place is 1 block ahead on the right.

From points south (MSP Airport, Burnsville), Take 35E North to the 11th Street Exit. Take 11th Street to St. Peter St. and turn right. Seventh Place is 4 blocks ahead on the left just past 7th St.

For more information, visit

Information subject to change. Please check with Park Square Theatre for the most current information. Last updated on Mon, Aug 29, 2016.


Oct 24 – Nov 17, 2017

World Premiere Adaptation
Adapted and Directed by Joel Sass

Devastated by his father’s death and disgusted by his mother’s hasty marriage to his hated uncle, Claudius, Denmark’s Prince Hamlet has hit the rock bottom of despair. Now the ghost of his father appears, claiming Claudius murdered him – driving Hamlet to avenge a crime that may or may not be the product of his own imagining. Grand in scope and rich in language, this classic story of haunting, both literal and metaphorical, ranks among Shakespeare’s finest masterpieces. Your students will love this intimate and intelligent production.

Performance Length: 2½ hours (Including Intermission)
Location: Park Square’s Proscenium Stage

Of Mice and Men

Nov 6 – Dec 15, 2017

By John Steinbeck
Directed by Annie Enneking

Travel with George and Lennie, two of the most unforgettable characters in American Literature, through this beautiful tale of friendship, loneliness and the longing for home. Bound by a promise George made to care for the developmentally disabled Lennie, these oddly matched friends scratch out a living during the Great Depression by traveling from ranch to ranch as itinerant farm hands, sustained only by their dream of one day buying a ranch of their own.

Performance Length: 2 ½ hours (Including Intermission)
Location: Park Square’s Andy Boss Thrust Stage

A Raisin in the Sun

Feb 14 – Mar 23, 2018

By Lorraine Hansberry
Directed by Warren C. Bowles

An African-American family struggles with poverty, racism, and inner conflict as they strive for a better way of life. Based on Hansberry’s family’s attempt to live in a wealthy white neighborhood in Chicago, A Raisin in the Sun is a deeply moving story about the Younger family, who, after the death of their husband and father, struggles to come to a consensus on how to spend the $10,000 life insurance his death will bring them. Each of the family members dreams of a new future that this money will provide. As they discuss who should decide and how the money should be used, the characters share the depth of their dreams and the heartbreak of their bitter desperation. The first play by a Black woman to be performed on Broadway, this historically significant literary work will illuminate and provoke discussion about current issues and policies that underlie and stem from institutional racism in America.

Performance Length: 2 ½ hours (Including Intermission)
Location: Park Square’s Andy Boss Thrust Stage

Pirates of Penzance

Feb 20 – 28, 2018

By W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan
Conceived and Directed by Doug Scholz-Carlson
Musical Direction by Denise Prosek

You and your students will enjoy this fresh take on Gilbert and Sullivan’s most popular and enduring work. In this adaptation, famed British theatrical partners Gilbert and Sullivan are on a steamer bound for the New York premiere of their new hit – a roaring farce of sentimental pirates, bumbling policemen, and hopeful young lovers. Unfortunately, they’ve left the score at home in London! They scramble to recreate the show with only the clothes in their trunks and their shipmates for a cast and orchestra. Experience all the memorable music, topsy-turvy adventures and witty wordplay you love in this hilarious steampunk operetta. Music teachers will find great learning opportunities in comparing and contrasting Sullivan’s melodies with the music of traditional Grand Opera. English teachers will delight in exploring the word-driven style of Gilbert’s lyrics and patter songs, which strongly influenced modern musical theatre.

Performance Length: 2 ½ hours (Including Intermission)
Location: Park Square’s Proscenium Stage

The Diary of Anne Frank

Mar 13 – May 11, 2018

By Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett
Directed by Ellen Fenster

In this account of eight Jews hiding in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam, Anne Frank emerges from history as an inspiring and intensely gifted young woman. Your students are sure to be moved by this important story of a young woman whose imagination and hope were not stifled by her confinement. The hiding and arrest of the Frank family will help bring the realities of the Holocaust more directly into your classroom.

Performance Length: 2 ½ hours (Including Intermission)
Location: Park Square’s Proscenium Stage

Romeo and Juliet

Apr 5 – May 9, 2018

By William Shakespeare
Adapted and Directed by David Mann

Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet meet and fall passionately in love. Children of mortal enemies, they marry in secret, hoping to convince their warring parents to yield to their powerful love and lay aside their hatred. In a terrible series of events, Juliet’s cousin kills Romeo’s dearest friend, and when Romeo avenges Mercutio’s death by murdering Juliet’s cousin Tybalt, all hope for their love seems lost. This 90-minute adaptation staged on the 200-seat thrust stage will bring the passionate struggle and beautiful language of Shakespeare’s greatest love story vividly to life for your students.

Performance Length: 90 minutes (No Intermission)
Location: Park Square’s Andy Boss Thrust Stage