Physics Force

84 Church St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

School of Physics & Astronomy

College of Science & Engineering

University of Minnesota

Physics Force

Free performances are open to both individual homeschool families and homeschool groups. The Physics Force is an entertaining program developed to make science exciting and fun for students of all ages. Don't be surprised when you see how much physics you learn.

Shows are held annually during U of MN Winter Break.

Physics Force

The Physics Force is a very successful and entertaining outreach program of the College of Science and Engineering of the University of Minnesota developed to make science exciting and fun for students of all ages, from 5 to 105. The Force consists of high school teachers and professors from the University of Minnesota School of Physics and Astronomy. The Physics Force has performed variations of The Circus at Disney's Epcot Center, parts of it were shown on Newton’s Apple and several members have performed demonstrations on the Knoff-Hoff Show, a very successful German TV science program. The Physics Force hopes you will come join them for the fun and excitement (like crushing a 55 gal. steel barrel in a fraction of a second) but don't be surprised when you see how much physics you learn.

Physics Force goes above and beyond (literally) to educate and entertain. It is the interaction between the Force members -- with their blend of slapstick, prop comedy and science. It is the grand scale and visual excitement of a Physics Force show that brings excitement and wonder to the thousands of K-12 students who see this University of Minnesota program every year. It is the reaction of the crowd. It is those moments of tension and excitement. You have to see and hear the Physics Force to believe it!

Cost per child/student: free
Cost per adult/educator: free

Minimum group size: individual homeschool families may register for morning and afternoon shows as well as the evening public show
Maximum group size: Reserve as many tickets as you need. As of January 2015, the same educator's name can be used for all reservations.

Target age range: the weekday morning and afternoon shows are intended for elementary and middle school students while the single evening show is intended for the general public

For more information, contact Nancy Bresnahan at bresnahan(at) or 612-624-2852 or Angie Stehr at stehr002(at) or 612-301-8303.

Information subject to change. Please check with Physics Force for the most current information. Last updated on Sat, Nov 26, 2016.

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