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Phone: 952-924-2540

Homeschool Classes

Offers beginner and advanced ice skating lessons for homeschool students.

Contact Person: Katherine Sandum, Saint Louis Park Skate School Director
Contact Phone: 952-928-1395
Contact Email: ksandum [at] stlouispark [dot] org

Learn skating skills and technique. Homeschool class is suitable for those interested in both hockey and figure skating and offers show and competition opportunities without joining a club.

The level will be adapted to the level of the skaters:

Beginner skills include the proper way to fall and get up, two foot glides, dips, swizzles, backward skating, swizzles, and one foot glides.

Pre-Alpha skills include mastering forward and backward swizzles, backward wiggles and one foot glides. Other Pre-Alpha skills taught include, but are not limited to edges, pumps, and two foot turns.

Alpha skills include mastering forward stroking, forward crossovers and one foot snowplow stops. Other skills taught include pumping, edges, and backward one foot glides.

Beta level accomplishments are T-Stops, backward crossovers and backward stroking. Other skills include backward pumping, back edges, and backward to forward two foot turns.

Gamma level skills are forward outside three turns, Mohwak combination, and hockey stops. Other skills include two foot spins, forward and backward edges.

Delta level skaters will master inside three turns, lunge forward edges, bunny hop and shoot the duck. Other skills taught include two foot spins, spirals, edges, backward to forward two foot turns, backward to forward one foot transitions, and ballet jumps.

Target Age Range: for ages 6 to 13 years.
Skaters will be evaluated on the first day of class to determine their skill level. On the last day, skaters are tested and patches are awarded for each level of achievement. It is not unusual for a student to remain in the same level for a few sessions before mastering skills to move to the next level. Each level builds upon the previous and must be successfully completed before advancement.

Cost per Child/Student: $80 ($71/resident) — fee includes skate rental and practice time.

Registration: register online at

Maximum Class Size: 10 students per instructor

All instructors are sanctioned by the Ice Skate Institute.

Cancellation Policy: All cancellations must be made through the Parks and Recreation office at 952/924-2540 or 952/924-2544.

Field Trips

Public Open Indoor Skating on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 12pm to 1:30pm. Call 952-924-2567 to confirm there is no scheduled exception.

During open public skating sessions, the adjacent gallery room can be rented for an Indoor Ice Skating Party for $60 for a 2-hour room rental ($50/resident).

Contact Phone: 952-924-2567

Cost per Child/Student: $3.50
Cost per Adult/Educator: $4
Figure Skate Rental: $2

Target Age Range: All ages

Getting There

Driving Directions: see


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