Ann Mathews-Lingen, MSW, LGSW

Tests offered:
Peabody Individual Achievement Test-Revised-Normative Update (PIAT-R/NU)
Woodcock-Johnson® III Tests of Achievement (WJ-III) Normative Update (NU)

Both the Peabody and the WJ-III NU are standardized, nationally norm-referenced achievement tests that are individually administered by a trained examiner. Both can be administered any month of the year. Both tests are oral in format and almost conversational in tone. Neither the Peabody nor the WJ-III are timed.

The Peabody assesses achievement in following content areas: General Information, Reading Recognition, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, and Spelling. The Normative Update was published in 1998.  The Peabody is untimed & non-bracketed, which means the child can rise to his/her ability, rather than being confined to questions at their chronological grade level. It typically takes 60 to 90 minutes to administer and score the test. Scores are immediately available and include Percentile Ranking & Grade Equivalency (K->12.9) in the five content areas plus Total Reading and Total Test scores. Scores are based on the time of year in which the test is taken.

The WJ-III NU is a revised and expanded version of the WJ-R. The Normative Update was published in 2007.  The sample included over 8000 individuals, ages 2 to 90 years old, including undergraduate and graduate students. The WJ-III Standard has 5 subtests and is untimed, but genearlly takes 60 to 90 minutes to administer. The WJ-III Extended takes 1½ to 2½ hours to administer. The Extended test has 9 or 10 subtests, depending on whether you wish to add the Academic Knowledge section, with three of the sections timed to measure fluency in Reading, Math, and Writing. Computerized score summary is available within a week of appointment. The WJ-III may be used annually to meet the testing requirement and/or for seeking entrance to certain gifted programs that require the longer versions.

Grade levels tested:
The Peabody will assess K->12.9 grade levels.
The WJ-III ACH will assess K–>18.0 (Graduate level)achievement.

Geographic area: testing is available via Skype for anyone; in person testing in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area in your home or at a public place of your choosing; outstate families encouraged to use Skype or a metro library, referrals to other testers possible.

Peabody: $55–$60 per test depending on number of kids tested and location
Discount in Peabody testing fee when testing 3 or more kids in one location or thru Skype.
WJ-III: $75 for the Standard version, $150, or $175 for the Extended or Extended Plus versions, respectively.

Qualifications: Masters in Social Work from the College of St. Catherine/University of St. Thomas. Licensed with the State of Minnesota as an L.G.S.W. (Licensed Graduate Social Worker).
Experience: Professional experience includes work with children, adults, groups and families in various clinical settings, doing assessment, diagnosis, counseling, advising, resource referral, and goal setting. All of those skills have contributed to my success as an Independent Testing Specialist since 2005. I became an Independent Testing Specialist in order to blend my education and work experience with my commitment to homeschooling and the families who choose this lifestyle. I have used both the Peabody and the WJ-III to evaluate my own children, finding their conversational style to be comfortable for kids and their scope to provide good information for a homeschooling parent's planning.

Contact Information
Email: a [dot] mathewslingen [at] comcast [dot] net
Phone: 651-503-9262


Twin Cities Metropolitan Area/Outstate/other states, MN 55105

Information subject to change. Please check with Ann Mathews-Lingen, MSW, LGSW for the most current information. Last updated on Tue, Oct 3, 2017.