Classical Conversations Testing Services

Tests offered: Stanford 10 (2007 National Norm-most recent) aka SAT10

Age range or grade levels tested: K-12

Qualifications: National testing service for all homeschooling families, not just those which license the Classical Conversations curriculum. We scan our own tests by permission of the publisher, which is a right granted to only a few organizations. We have local test coordinators who plan a community-wide testing day in a supportive environment for families. CC Testing Services offers the paper booklet experience for families wishing to take their children to a test site for 2 days, 4.5 hours each day. Test sites average 25 students across all grades. 
Experience: CC Testing Services has been offering services for eight (8) years across the United States, and with the good wishes of the test publisher. 

Geographic area: All 50 states of the union. In 2015, test locations were south of Bloomington and in Duluth.  

Costs: $50 for paper booklet test; $55 for online Stanford 10.

Contact Information: 
Name: Testing Services Director
Email: testing(at)classicalconversations [dot] com
Phone: 910-673-0100

For registration events May 2016, click here for the calendar. 


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Information subject to change. Please check with Classical Conversations Testing Services for the most current information. Last updated on Wed, Sep 16, 2015.