Homeschool Testing Services

Tests offered: Stanford-10 National Achievement Test (SAT-10); Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP)

Description: Homeschool Testing Services relies on Test Coordinators to organize a location for two days of testing, recruit Proctors for each testing level offered, and advertise the location, date, and time to their local homeschool community.

The SAT-10 paper and pencil version is an untimed on-site proctored assessment for students in K-12th grades.

The CTP is an timed on-site assessment for high achieving students in 1st-10th grades administered by a qualified Test Coordinator in a local group setting.

On-site tests are administered by a qualified Test Coordinators in a local group setting. The Coordinator must have viewed the publisher’s approved training material or have experience as a test administrator so that Homeschool Testing Services may provide qualified people and accredited material at a secure and friendly location to make things easy for you!

Online proctored SAT-10 testing is available for 3rd–12th grades and includes the same SAT-10 components as the paper and pencil version for the level you choose, except the online version does not have a Listening section.

Grade levels tested: Options for K–12th grades

Qualifications: Test Coordinators must have a B.S. or B.A. from an accredited college or university and must either be a certified teacher with current certification or have completed free Coordinator Training to receive certification. Proctors must have four years at an accredited college or university and either complete a free Homeschool Testing Service Training session or have experience with test security, basic standardized testing parameters, and administration.

Costs: $50 for on-site SAT-10; $55 for online SAT-10; $59 for CTP
Late registration fee: $5

For more information on becoming a Test Coordinators, to find a test location in your area, or to schedule an online test, contact Homeschool Testing Services at info(at)homeschooltestingservices [dot] com, 910-684-5665 or 336-295-3093 or visit

Information subject to change. Please check with Homeschool Testing Services for the most current information. Last updated on Fri, Mar 31, 2017.