Karla Mitchell, MS, LP

Tests offered: Peabody (PIAT-R) 

Grade levels tested: Preschool-12th grade 

Qualifications: Licensed Psychologist , Veteran Homeschool parent 
Experience: I am an experienced Psychologist with over 20 years of testing experience.  I have been administering Peabody in Southwestern Minnesota for 10 years. I have been actively involved in our local homeschool group since 2000.  My husband and I are graduating our fourth homeschooler and have three more children to raise and educate.

Geographic area: Southwestern Minnesota, Skype 

Contact Information
Name: Karla Mitchell
Email: blackpack2704(at)gmail [dot] com
Phone: 507-532-7387

Information subject to change. Please check with Karla Mitchell, MS, LP for the most current information. Last updated on Sun, Mar 15, 2015.