Local testers for the Peabody Individual Achievement Test (PIAT)

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The Peabody is a standardized, nationally norm-referenced achievement test. It is individually administered by a trained examiner, with assessment completed in the following content areas: General Information, Reading Recognition, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, and Spelling. The subtests and composite scores are calculated immediately with derived scores indicating grade level equivalents and percentile ranking. The test is oral in format and almost conversational in tone. It typically takes 60-90 minutes to administer and score the test, but the exam is not timed. The Peabody can be administered any month of the year as Scores are based on the time of year in which the test is taken. The Peabody will assess K-12 grade levels.

Visit Minnesota Homeschoolers' Alliance for complete information on Minnesota's Annual Testing Requirement for Homeschoolers.