Kids' Carpentry Instructor

Kids' Carpentry is a year-round math enrichment program. With an emphasis on the safe use of hand tools, kindergarten to sixth grade students build a variety of fun projects entirely from scratch like pirate ships, birdhouses, clocks, and more. Students will learn lifelong woodworking skills such as measuring, sawing, drilling, rasping, fastening, sanding, shaping, and painting.

In addition to a repertoire of practical skills and character development, kid carpenters grow in confidence, creativity and authentic self-esteem. I offer both secular and Christian classes.

KC is completely mobile, so bringing my workshop to your garage, co-op, or any facility is no problem. The average cost is about $12.50/student/class which includes all materials, tools, and insurance. This goes up or down depending how many classes you would like in a session. Normally, each session includes 6 classes or about 7 hours of carpentry. Six students per class works best. I prefer to teach three sessions at a location when possible.

I taught Math, English, and Science and coached varsity soccer for 6 years at a boarding school for children with special needs. Engaging these talented, yet very at-risk, junior and senior high students, brought me great joy and a multitude of learning experiences. Since starting KC and training with KC's founder Michael Glass, I've taught about 275 students. I'm a homeschooling father of 6 which is my most valuable experience.

Contact Information: Josephlichty(at) 612-356-4514


Your facility, garage, community center, or church
327 Sidney St. West
St. Paul, MN 55107

Information subject to change. Please check with Kids' Carpentry Instructor for the most current information. Last updated on Wed, Jul 1, 2015.