Licensed Math Teacher

One on one interactions with a licensed math teacher. I can write a math curriculum specifically for your child's home schooling or tutor as needed.

Subjects taught: Math - all levels

Qualifications: Licensed math teacher, background in computer engineering
Experience: 7 years of teaching math

Class size: 
Minimum number of students: 1
Maximum number of students: 5

Age range or grade level taught: Fourth grade through college level classes

Geographic area: Saint Paul

Costs: $30 an hour for 1 student. $50 for a group of 2-5 students

Contact Information: 
Name: Kim Moore
Email: nguy0688(at)hotmail [dot] com
Phone: (651)497-8445


Math Center
980 N Dale St
Saint Paul, MN 55117

Information subject to change. Please check with Licensed Math Teacher for the most current information. Last updated on Thu, Nov 5, 2015.