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The Homeschool Adventures Tutors listing is a directory of local, in-person tutors, coaches, mentors, teachers, private instructors, etc. who have expressed an interest in working with homeschool students. Our primary focus is on the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Metropolitan Area in Minnesota, but we accept listing from in-person tutors based throughout Minnesota or near the state line.

At this time, we do not accept online-only tutors for this directory. Online tutors, however, may submit a description of their offerings to be shared with our members via email. Generally speaking, we are unlikely to be approve reposting information about an online tutor more frequently than once a year.

Tutoring usually means one-on-one instruction. Instructors and coaches primarily interested in setting up group classes are more commonly listed under the Field Trip Ideas category, but we do recognize this can be a nuanced distinction and will work with instructors and coaches to help choose the best location to list their services. Please note that we do not permit double listing. You must choose one or the other.

Don't see your favorite tutors? Please encourage them to submit a listing.