Orton Gillingham Reading Specialists

Have tried everything and your child still isn't reading and spelling at grade level? This can be frustrating. You need a multi sensory, systematic, structured, phonics based approach. Give me a call. I can explain how we can help your child and you can learn how you can teach him at home with the same approach.

Subjects taught: Reading and spelling intervention taught with the Orton Gillingham method 

Teaching style: Orton Gillingham approach twice weekly 55 minute sessions

Qualifications: OG trained tutors levels 1-4

Class size: one to one

Age range or grade level taught: pre k through 12

Geographic area: Edina, Minnesota

Costs: $400.00 or  $750.00 based on Tutor

Contact Information: 
Name: Pam Mehlin
Email: pam(at)ogreadingspecialists [dot] com
Phone: 952-920-9280


4820 W 77th St, Ste 131
Edina, MN 55435

Information subject to change. Please check with Orton Gillingham Reading Specialists for the most current information. Last updated on Thu, Aug 4, 2016.